Report Documentation
September 16, 1991


This report provides agencies with a listing of the vouchers for which warrants were written during the calendar month. It provides information on actual payments to vendors and serves as documentation for inquiries from vendors or other parties regarding amounts paid and when the payments were made.



Warrant Writing File



CM -   Current month - This option is used for daily reports to monitor the current month as it progresses. 

PM - Prior month - This refers to the preceding month. All monthly report requests to be run through the normal month end process should use this option.

   Organization Level

0 -      No organization level sort - Information will be displayed without agency or division detail breaks. This would primarily be used at the central level to obtain information statewide without agency breaks.

1 - Agency sort - Information will be displayed by agency with agency page breaks and totals.

2 - Division sort - Information will be displayed by division within an agency with page breaks by division and totals by division and agency.

   Fund Level

0 -     

No fund level sort - Information will be displayed without fund detail breaks. This would be useful when a sort which crosses funds is desired.

1 - Fund sort - Information will be displayed by fund with page breaks and totals for each fund.

   Special Select 1

This option enables the requestor to specify a four digit fund number and only payments within that fund will be displayed. "ALL" should be used to obtain information for all funds within the agency.

   Generate Date

Specific Date - MMDDYY format - The report will be generated once, on the specific date specified. The date must be either the current date or a valid future date.

Daily - The report will generate each day that the system is cycled.

Month - The report will generate when the monthly reports are printed after the close of the month.


  1. This report is requestable by agencies.
  2. A separate DAFR7680 report will be generated for warrants produced from the satellite system when a STARS report request exists in the Report Request Table. These reports will only be generated monthly even if a daily report request exists.
  3. Agencies should not request both monthly and daily versions of this report since the last daily report of the month will be identical to the monthly version.