Report Documentation
Revised August 25, 1992


This report provides agencies with spending authority balances for all budget units in an over expended position.



Appropriation File



CM -   Current month - The report will display cumulative year-to-date information through the day in the current month for which the report is generated. This option is used for daily reports to monitor the current month as it progresses.
PM - Prior month - The report will display cumulative year-to-date information through the end of the prior month. All monthly report requests to be run through the normal month end process should use this option.

   Organization Level

0 -      No organization level sort - Information will be displayed without agency or division detail breaks. This would primarily be used at the central level to obtain information statewide without agency breaks.

1 - Agency sort - Information will be displayed by agency with agency page breaks and totals.

2 - Division sort - Information will be displayed by division within an agency with page breaks by division and totals by division and agency.

      Generate Date

Specific Date - MMDDYY format - The report will be generated once, on the specific date specified. The date must be either the current date or a valid future date.

Daily - The report will generate each day that the system is cycled.

Month - The report will generate when the monthly reports are printed after the close of the month.


  1. This report is requestable by agencies.
  2. This report is cumulative for the fiscal year.
  3. The report will reflect the impact of on-line entered transactions that have not been released for final processing and have not yet appeared on the daily transaction registers.
  4. If an agency wants to monitor spending authority status for both months during concurrent processing periods, a separate daily report request for the prior month must be established on the first working day of the new month. This request should be deleted as soon as the prior month has been closed. If the request is not deleted, the agency will continue to receive the prior month report even though the data will not be changing.
  5. Only Appropriation Account Type 2 accounts will display amounts in the Receipts column. They are the only accounts in which receipts are recorded at the budget unit level. Receipts for Appropriation Account Type 1 (expenditure-only accounts) are recorded in the cash control file at the fund level.
  6. For Appropriation Account Type 2 accounts, the available cash balance can be computed by subtracting expenditures and firm encumbrances from receipts.
  7. This report displays the records from the DAFR8010, Appropriation Status Report, with a negative firm or contingent unencumbered balance.