Report Documentation
Revised August 25, 1992


This report displays, at a transaction level of detail, transactions that affect selected general ledger accounts. It may be used to track individual transactions when reconciliation problems occur.



History File - The daily history file is accessed unless "Month" is used as the generate date
option in which case the monthly history file is used.



CM -   Current month - The report will display cumulative month-to-date information through the day in the current month for which the report is generated. This option is used for daily reports to monitor the current month as it progresses.
PM - Prior month - The report will display cumulative month-to-date information through the end of the prior month. All monthly report requests to be run through the normal
month end process should use this option.

   Organization Level

0 -      No organization level sort - Information will be displayed without agency or division detail breaks. This would primarily be used at the central level to obtain information statewide without agency breaks.

1 - Agency sort - Information will be displayed by agency with agency page breaks and totals.

2 - Division sort - Information will be displayed by division within an agency with page breaks by division and totals by division and agency.

6 - Index sort - Information will be displayed by index code with page breaks and totals by index code, division and agency. If index code and budget unit are the same and the report has a hard coded budget unit sort, the index sort is not needed.


0 -     

No fund level sort - Information will be displayed without fund detail breaks. This would be useful when a sort which crosses funds is desired.

1 - Fund sort - Information will be displayed by fund with page breaks and totals for each fund.

   Special Select 2

This option enables the requestor to specify a four digit general ledger account number and only appropriation transactions associated with that account number will be displayed. Select 4001 for revenues, 5001 for expenditures, 5002 for firm encumbrances, 5003 for contingent encumbrances, 5010 for transfers in, 5011 for transfers out and 5020 for appropriations. "ALL" should be used to obtain information for all of the above general ledger accounts within the agency.

   Generate Date

Specific - (MMDDYY format) The report will be generated once, on the specific date specified. The date must be either the current date or a valid future date.

Daily - The report will generate each day the system is cycled.

Month - The report will generate when the monthly reports are printed after the close of the month.


  1. This report is requestable by agencies.
  2. If an agency wants to monitor transactions for both months during concurrent processing periods, a separate daily report request for the prior month must be established. This request does not need to be deleted each month because the report will only generate if there is activity.
  3. This report does not include all transactions. It only displays those transactions that post to those specific general ledger accounts included on this report.
  4. Transaction details for each payment on an encumbrance and for the related expenditure are grouped together in the body of this report. Other encumbrance transactions appearing on this report include the establishment of new encumbrances and encumbrance cancellations.