Report Documentation
October 3, 1991


This report provides agencies with a listing of all transactions which processed on a given day. It verifies when a transaction processed and may be used to assist in the day to day reconciliation of cash and appropriation balances.



Daily History File



CM -   Current month - The report will display information for the day in the current month for which the report is generated.
PM - Prior month - During concurrent processing the report will display prior month
information processed in the current month.

   Generate Date

Specific - (MMDDYY format) The report will be generated once, on the specific date specified. The date must be either the current date or a valid future date.

Daily - The report will generate each day the system is cycled.


  1. This report is requestable by agencies.
  2. This report cannot be selected on a monthly basis.
  3. Each transaction appears on only one register. The register number indicator associated with each transaction code in the Transaction Code Decision Table determines on which register a transaction is displayed. Transactions with an indicator of "A" are STARS generated warrant transactions and will not appear on this report. These transactions will instead appear on DAFR8420, Daily Warrant Register.
  4. The report will only display those transactions which have processed completely through the system. It will not reflect the impact of on-line entered transactions that have not been released for final processing or batch transactions that have not yet cleared the error file.
  5. If an agency wants to monitor transactions for both months during concurrent processing periods, a separate daily report request for the prior month must be established. This request does not need to be deleted each month because the report will only generate if there is activity.
  6. It is not possible to request only one register within a group. A register will be generated for each category if a transaction was processed within that category during the batch cycle.
  7. DAFR7101, Transaction Activity, is a daily control report generated automatically by STARS. It is similar to the DAFR8240, Daily Transaction Registers, but the information displayed is for a given batching agency rather than the detail agency. Transactions batched centrally, such as interfunds, will not be on the agency's DAFR7101.