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Supersedes 12-P-008

DATE:  August 17, 2012
SUBJECT: Change in Organization Dues Deduction for Pittsburg State
University – Kansas National Education Association #30
EFFECTIVE DATE:   Pay Period Ending August 18, 2012

Nancy Ruoff

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Nancy Ruoff

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Organization Dues Changes for ORG030

The organization dues for members of the Pittsburg State University, Kansas National Education Association will change from $29.50 to $29.76 per biweekly payroll period. The new rate will become effective with the payroll period beginning August 5, 2012 and ending August 18, 2012, paid August 31, 2012.

Currently, organization dues must be entered into SHARP as two separate deduction codes: one organizational dues deduction code and one corresponding fee deduction code. In this case, the new rate for deduction code ORG030 will increase from $29.44 to $29.70 and the fee (ORF030) will remain at $.06 (for a total of $29.76 per biweekly payroll period).

The Office of General Services, Payroll Systems Team is responsible for making this change in the SHARP system. Regent’s institutions are responsible for ensuring this change is reflected in their individual systems and is effective for paychecks issued on or after August 31, 2012.