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Filing No. 11,963
Revision Date:  12/21/98
Date Issued:   03/74
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Duplicate Warrants


To establish procedures for obtaining duplicate STARS miscellaneous warrants in cases where the original warrant was lost, stolen, destroyed, or forged.


K.S.A. 10-701 et. seq.


A duplicate warrant may be issued by the officer who issued the original warrant or his or her successor. Before any such duplicate warrant is issued, the issuing officer shall have on file a statement of some person knowing the facts and setting forth the description of such warrant and the fact the warrant has been lost or destroyed or was not received by the payee. When an issuing officer receives notice that a warrant he or she has issued has been lost or destroyed or was not received by the payee, such officer shall initiate the stop payment procedure by issuing the appropriate orders to stop payment on the warrant.

Each duplicate warrant shall be reissued with a new warrant number. The original warrant register should be noted with the duplicate warrant number and date of issuance. The duplicate warrant register should be noted with the original warrant number and date of issuance.


The procedures described below are specific to STARS warrants. Agencies who issue warrants through systems other than STARS (e.g., tax, KAECSES, Benefit) may have alternate procedures for duplicate warrants developed jointly by the agency and the Division of Accounts and Reports.

Responsibility    Action Step
  1. On notification from a payee that his or her warrant was not received, was lost, or was destroyed, confirm from the warrant register that a warrant was actually written. Verify that the warrant is not being held in the agency office or otherwise delayed.
  2. If the warrant has been destroyed, or if 10 calendar days have elapsed since the warrant issue date and the warrant has not been found, complete "Statement - Lost Warrant," form DA-6, from information in the warrant register, and forward to the Division of Accounts and Reports, Audit Services Team.

    Form DA-6 should be completed as follows:

    1. Agency No. - The three-digit number assigned to the agency in the central chart of accounts.
    2. Date - The date the form is completed.
    3. Reason for Request - Check the reason for the duplicate warrant request.
    4. Warrant Type - Enter the warrant type of the original warrant. The warrant types are payroll, miscellaneous, tax refund, benefit, KAECSES, or special miscellaneous (handwritten).
    5. Warrant No. - The number of the original warrant.
    6. Warrant Date - The date of the original warrant.
    7. Warrant Amount - The amount of the original warrant.
    8. Payee Name and Address - The name and current address of the person to whom the original warrant was made payable.
    9. Vendor Number - The payee's vendor number. This number will either be a social security number (SSN) or federal employer identification number (FEIN).
    10. Agency Use Field - An optional field provided for agencies to note where in the agency the duplicate warrant should be returned to for distribution to the payee.
Accounts and
  1. Compare the "Statement-Lost warrant" form to the warrant register, verify the accuracy of the warrant information provided by the agency, and enter the warrant information onto the "Statement-Lost Warrant" form. Prepare the "Stop Payment Notice" form and post the Stop Payment in the warrant register. Send the original copy of the "Stop Payment Notice" and the "Statement-Lost Warrant" to the State Treasurer's office.
State Treasurer  
  1. Verify that the warrant is outstanding, implement stop payment procedures and retain the "Stop Payment Notice." Complete the Treasurer's approval section of the "Statement-Lost Warrant" and return to the Division of Accounts and Reports, Audit Services Team.
  2. Note: If the warrant has already been redeemed by the State Treasurer, steps A through F should be performed by the parties indicated; if the warrant has not been redeemed, steps A through F are not necessary.
State Treasurer
  1. If the original has already been redeemed, note the paid date and Document Identification Number (DIN Number). Retain the "Stop Payment Notice" and return the "Statement-Lost Warrant" to the Audit Services Team of the Division of Accounts and Reports.
Accounts and
  1. Obtain a copy of the paid warrant image from the Federal Reserve Bank.
  2. Attach the Lost Warrant Statement, form DA-6, and a copy of the warrant to "Statement of Warrant Not Lost" and forward to the agency as notification that the original warrant has already been redeemed.
  1. Confirm with the payee whether payment was received. If the payee has not received payment, assume that forgery was involved. Require the payee to examine the copy of the warrant and complete the affidavit, Form-DA88. Have the affidavit notarized and return completed affidavit to the Division of Accounts and Reports, Audit Services Team. If the format of the affidavit needs to be modified due to special circumstances, contact the Division of Accounts and Reports for approval.
Accounts and
  1. Send a photocopy of the affidavit and the original warrant (if available) or a copy of the warrant to the State Treasurer"s office requesting collection of the original warrant payment.
State Treasurer
  1. After receiving the collection request, collect the original warrant payment through normal banking channels. When the collection has been made, send a copy of the receipt for the funds collected to the Division of Accounts and Reports, Audit Services Team.
Accounts and
  1. Enter the duplicate warrant transaction into STARS. This will update the STARS files and create a duplicate warrant transaction.
  2. The replacement warrants are created in the next STARS processing cycle and included with the warrants returned to the agency. The current document number for these transactions is "M" followed by the last seven characters of the original voucher number.
  3. After the duplicate warrant is issued post the duplicate warrant number and issue date next to the original warrant entry.
  4. If the original warrant is located after a duplicate has been issued, write "Void - Duplicate Issued" on the face of the original warrant, cut a triangular section out of the signature section of the warrant, and return the original to the Division of Accounts and Reports, Audit Services Team, with a note of explanation.



All requests for information concerning duplicate warrants should be directed to:

Division of Accounts and Reports
Central Accounting Services Section
Audit Services Team