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Accounts and Reports


Filing No. 15,001
Revision Date:  10/04/04
Date Issued:   03/72
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Forms Approval


To specify agency developed forms that require the Director of Accounts and Reports approval and to provide procedures to obtain the necessary approval for their use.


K.S.A. 75-3728 K.S.A. 75-3731 K.S.A. 75-3743  


The Director of Accounts and Reports is required by law to prescribe various forms used by the State to incur financial obligations and to pay claims that have been incurred by the State. These provisions exist to ensure compliance with statutory provisions that apply when financial obligations are incurred by the State and to provide standardized formats for efficient document processing. The types of forms subject to the Director's control include:

  1. Forms used for the State's central accounting system
  2. Forms used to process claims for salaries and wages through the State's personnel/payroll systems.
  3. Forms used to order or requisition supplies, materials, equipment, or contractual services from outside vendors.

Standardized versions of these forms have been prescribed by the Director. An agency may develop and use its own specialized version of these forms subject to the written approval of the Director of Accounts and Reports. When an agency version of a form has been approved for use, the agency is responsible for making any future revisions that may be required. When an agency reorders a non-standard preprinted form, we suggest the agency contact the Business Process Management Team to determine if any form revisions are required prior to placing the order.

Transactions submitted on forms which have not been approved by the Director may be rejected at the discretion of the Division of Accounts and Reports.


Responsibility    Action Step
  1. Determines that an agency specific form is needed. Prepares a printed draft of the form. If the form is created and printed using personal computer software, the draft should contain sample data.
  2. Prepares a written request for approval. Attaches a copy of the draft form to the written request and submits the request to the Business Process Management Team, Division of Accounts and Reports.

    (Note: If personal computer software will be used, please include the following information in the request: software name, version number, and personal computer type. This information will be used to assist other agencies which may wish to develop forms using similar equipment.)
A&R Customer
Svcs. Team
  1. Reviews the draft form for compliance with any relevant statutory provisions, consistency of the layout and content to prescribed standards, and other items affecting the processing of the document. Obtains approval of teams or other divisions involved with processing the forms.
  2. Contacts the submitting agency to explain any necessary modifications.
  3. When necessary changes have been made, approves use of the form for the agency. If forms will be printed outside the agency, provides an approval letter to attach to the requisition.
  1. If preprinted forms will be ordered from the Division of Printing or obtained from a private vendor through the Division of purchases, attaches a copy of the approval letter to the initial requisition.



Questions or comments regarding forms design or approval should be directed to:

Division of Accounts and Reports
Payroll Services Section
Customer Services Team