Kansas Department of Administration
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Business Process Improvement/Communication and Information Dissemination Performance Team

Member emails:


Cheryl Buxton  cheryl.buxton@da.ks.gov
Mitzi Cafer mitzi.caferrogers@da.ks.gov
Doug Craig  doug.craig@da.ks.gov
Gregory Davis  greg.davis@da.ks.gov
Heather DeBusk heather.debusk@da.ks.gov
Michelle Dittman michelle.dittman@da.ks.gov
Martin Eckhardt Martin.Eckhardt@da.ks.gov
Bonnie Edwards bonnie.edwards@da.ks.gov
Pam Fink pam.fink@da.ks.gov
Rick Gudenkauf rick.gudenkauf@dol.ks.gov
Vickie Hemmen vickie.hemmen@da.ks.gov
Pat Higgins pat.higgins@da.ks.gov
Chris Howe chris.howe@da.ks.gov
Daniel J. Klucas daniel.klucas@srs.ks.gov
Suzanne Meredith suzanne.meridith@da.ks.gov
Philip Morrell philip.morrell@da.ks.gov
Jina Murrell jinam@doc.ks.gov
Lori Myers lori.a.myers@da.ks.gov
Julie Niehues julie.niehues@da.ks.gov
Kent Olson kent.olson@da.ks.gov
Patti Peterson p.peterson-klein@kcc.ks.gov
Christopher Pryor cpryor@kansascommerce.com
Douglas Quinn douglas.quinn@da.ks.gov
Jesse Springer jesse.springer@da.ks.gov
Cindy Stejskal CStejskal@jja.ks.gov
Barbara Walder-Hittle barbara.walderhittle@srs.ks.gov
George Werth george.werth@da.ks.gov
Scott Wills scott.wills@da.ks.gov



For information about our office please contact Cheryl Buxton, Director, 785-296-0442, cheryl.buxton@da.ks.gov.