Kansas Department of Administration
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HR Policies and Practices Team

Member emails:


Cathy Higley cathyh@doc.ks.gov
Colleen Chandler colleen@ksdot.org
Wendy Fritz w.fritz@kcc.ks.gov
Adrian Guerrero adrian.guerrero@ksbn.state.ks.us
Vicki Harding vicki.harding@da.ks.gov
Danelle Harsin danelle.harsin@da.ks.gov
Mary Hartzell mary.hartzell@srs.ks.gov
Victoria Jamison vickie.jamison@osh.ks.gov
Gail Kennedy gail.kennedy@kslottery.net
Katrina Kosmala katrina.kosmala@srs.ks.gov
Vicki Lierz vicki.lierz@da.ks.gov
John Maddox johnm@ksdot.org
Shannon Martinez smm@pshtc.ks.gov
Kathryn Metcalf kathy_metcalf@kdor.state.ks.us
Lynnette Odgers lynnette.odgers@da.ks.gov
Susan Pfannenstiel spfannenstiel@khp.ks.gov
Lois Ryan lois.ryan@da.ks.gov
Brenda Schuette brenda.schuette@ksfm.ks.gov
Carmen Sellens carmen.sellens@aging.ks.gov
Christine Simons christine.simons@da.ks.gov
Karen Vandy kvandy@kdheks.gov
Gustavo Victoriano gustavo.victoriano@da.ks.gov
Kim Warren kim.warren@da.ks.gov
Holly Zane hollyz@doc.ks.gov



For information about our office please contact Cheryl Buxton, Director, 785-296-0442, cheryl.buxton@da.ks.gov.