Kansas Department of Administration
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Policy, Protocols, and Practices Team

Member emails:


Theresa Addington theresa.addington@srs.ks.gov
Cathy Brown cbrown@ksbha.ks.gov
Cheryl Buxton cheryl.buxton@da.ks.gov
Janice Clausing jancl@doc.ks.gov
Barry Greis barry.greis@da.ks.gov
Connie Guerrero connie.guerrero@da.ks.gov
John Harold johnha@doc.ks.gov
Mary Higley cathyh@doc.ks.gov
Gail Kennedy gail.kennedy@kslottery.net
Kristine Haynes pshkrh@pshtc.ks.gov
Charles LaTour charles.latour@da.ks.gov
Mike Lour mike.lour@da.ks.gov
Jeffrey Oswald jeffrey.oswald@da.ks.gov
Patrice Petersen-Klein p.petersen-klein@kcc.ks.gov
Christopher Pryor cpryor@kansascommerce.com
Zane Tillman zane.tillman@print.ks.gov
Barbara Walder-Hittle barbara.walderhittle@srs.ks.gov
Annette Witt annette.witt@da.ks.gov
John Yeary john.yeary@da.ks.gov



For information about our office please contact Cheryl Buxton, Director, 785-296-0442, cheryl.buxton@da.ks.gov.