Pay Grade: 21



This is work as a master craftsman or a specialist in multiple crafts or trades. Work requires highly specialized knowledge, experience and ability to independently perform and complete projects requiring a variety of crafts and trades including electrical, carpentry, plumbing, HVAC, sheet metal and painting. Plans, develops and coordinates large-scale projects and programs. May serve as team leader or project lead worker.

Standard Classification Factors

Supervision Received - LEVEL B: "Under general supervision…" Employees working under general supervision usually receive some instructions with respect to the details of most assignments but are free to develop their own work sequences within established procedures, methods and policies. They are often physically removed from their supervisor and subject to only periodic checks.

Difficulty - LEVEL B: Average… Where the employee is confronted with a variety of duties susceptible to different methods of solution which, in turn, places a correspondingly higher demand upon resourcefulness and concentration. Positions which require the analysis and evaluation of raw data and the rendering of conclusions would, in many instances, fall into this category.

Complexity - LEVEL C: Work is of a standardized nature that may involve a variety of duties. Analytical thought becomes more important at this level due to increased data and changing situations. Tasks usually have several steps, some of which may not be directly related. Alternatives may exist for processes or methods to be used in solving problems. Workers at this level exercise a moderate amount of independent judgment. Work is controlled by routine review and reporting to or consultation with supervisors. When guidelines exist at this level, they tend to be more complicated or technical in nature requiring careful interpretation.

Consequence of Actions or Decisions - LEVEL C: Consequences of actions or decisions at this level are limited in scope and effect as the work is reviewed occasionally. Errors may cause moderate inefficiency. Costs due to errors may be significant.

Contacts - LEVEL B: The purpose of the contact is to plan, coordinate and advise on work efforts, interpret guidelines or instructions, elicit opinions or give guidance on the basis of facts to resolve common issues or problems when the information is not sensitive in nature or the individuals or groups are working toward mutual goals and have basically cooperative attitudes. Well developed communication skills are required.

Physical Demands - LEVEL C: The work requires moderate physical exertion.

Environmental Conditions - LEVEL B: The work environment involves moderate hazards, risks or discomforts. Exposure to minor deviations from pleasant environmental conditions is normal. Minor to serious injuries are possible.

Supervision/Leadership - LEVEL B: Involves functional leadership responsibility. As a "senior worker", performing essentially the same or similar work as those overseen, responsibility includes training, instructing, scheduling and reviewing. As a "project leader" may be responsible for a phase(s) of a single project which includes planning, coordinating and reviewing the work of others. This level may also involve limited administrative responsibility such as participating in the evaluation of work performance.

Distinguishing Features

Differs from the General Maintenance and Repair Technician II in which the work is at a skilled level in two or more crafts or trades.

Differs from the Physical Plant Supervisor I which involves the supervision of one or more phases of physical plant operations.

Differs from the Facilities Maintenance Supervisor in which the work is primarily administrative and supervisory.


Conducts all aspects of a job performing multiple crafts or trades on construction or renovation projects from start to finish at the master craftsman level. Reads, interprets and works from blueprints and specifications and provides estimates, equipment, materials and costs needed to assure repair and changes can be completed with available funds and manpower.

Serves as lead worker or team leader for special projects and remodeling or renovation, such as HVAC, electrical, plumbing, welding, physical plant, carpentry, sheet metal, and painting.

Troubleshoot, maintain, repair and alter existing secondary circuits and primary, 15KV, electrical distribution systems, and installs new according to plan in accordance with N.F.P.A. code requirements. Installs, maintains, calibrates and repairs electronic equipment. Recommends suitable electronic materials and components. During renovation upgrades, installs new electrical distribution system to include; breaker panels, bus/ducks, race ways, branch conduit and circuitry.

Replaces or repairs or installs plumbing fixtures, faucets, valves, fittings, bath and shower facilities, water heaters and related equipment; removes worn, damaged, or leaking items; installs proper replacements or makes repairs in accordance with instructions or trade standards and ADA requirements.

Alters/installs building systems such as electrical, HVAC, plumbing, electronic climate control and high end refrigeration systems, rough and finish carpentry which includes installation, removal, replacement of walls, floors partitions and ceilings, finish cabinetry and mill work, formica, application of epoxy and other adhesives, laying, finishing and refinishing flooring, hanging, taping and finishing sheetrock, painting including color tinting and matching, and lock system installation.

Alters, fabricates, or installs building systems such as air ducts, air handling equipment, volume dampers, fire/smoke dampers, diffusers, laboratory fume hoods, environmental controls, VAV and CAV boxes, any type of air distribution equipment.

Engineers, designs and fabricates any and all sheet metal products from blue prints, field surveys or combination of both. Makes field modifications when necessary to ensure proper installation and function. Repairs or modifies existing sheet metal systems.

Installs, tests and calibrates HVAC controls (pneumatic and electric/electronic) for valves, dampers, etc. Balance and document air distribution systems for supply, return, exhaust and other unique applications. Installs and tests plumbing devices for coils (reheat, chilled water, steam etc.)

Services, repairs or replaces electrical appliances, motors, fuses, switches and outlets in order to provide efficient and well maintained electrical service by selecting proper materials, reading electrical schematics and using electrical instruments and hand tools.

Completes interior and exterior finish work with paint, plaster, stains, tints, wall coverings, and other appropriate finishes based on remodeling or restoration plans in buildings of a wide range of styles, ages, etc. Completes carpentry and masonry repairs or matches existing/antique structures, etc. in advance of application of appropriate finishes (oil- and water-based paints and stains, as appropriate) to window frames, doors, cabinetry, floors, walls, interior trim, and decorative moldings.



*Extensive knowledge of the practices, tools, equipment, and materials associated with a variety of crafts involved in renovation/remodeling projects.

*Detailed knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions of specific crafts or trades.

*Detailed knowledge of ADA regulations and code requirements.


*Ability to function effectively as a team leader/lead worker.

*Ability to read, interpret, and work from sketches, blueprints, and specifications and to evaluate, analyze, and resolve construction and mechanical problems.

*Ability to understand and execute all aspects of remodeling projects.

*Ability to follow oral and written instructions.

Ability to make estimates of time and materials.


Advanced skill in the use and operation of tools, machines and equipment commonly used in remodeling and new construction and repair work at the highly specialized level.

Demonstrated competence at the master craftsman level in two or more crafts or trades.


Five years of experience in the mechanical or building trades.  Education may be substituted for experience as determined relevant by the agency.

Necessary Special Requirements:

Some positions in this class require that at the time of appointment the selected candidate must take and pass a drug screening test approved by the Division of Personnel Services unless the incumbent is moving from one safety-sensitive position to another safety-sensitive position within the same agency performing substantially similar duties; possess a valid driver’s license; and/or have an EPA approved CFC and general refrigerant reclamation certification.

NC:  05/00
REV: 08/05
REV: 06/08
REV: 08/10