Pay Grade: 14



This is custodial and housekeeping work performed in areas and/or requiring the operation of technical equipment.

Standard Classification Factors

Supervision Received - LEVEL B: "Under general supervision…" Employees working under general supervision usually receive some instructions with respect to the details of most assignments but are free to develop their own work sequences within established procedures, methods and policies. They are often physically removed from their supervisor and subject to only periodic checks.

Difficulty - LEVEL A: Routine… Where the work is usually repetitive and the employee works from detailed instructions, the difficulty is usually limited to accuracy and speed.

Complexity - LEVEL A: Work is a simple or routine nature requiring very little analytical thought. Tasks are clearly defined, highly organized, closely related and often repetitive. Few if any alternatives exist for methods or procedures to be used. Work is usually in the form of specific assignments and is closely reviewed for accuracy and progress. When guidelines exist at this level, they are usually detailed, easy-to-follow instructions that cover all or most of the important aspects of the work. Workers at this level can readily determine the actions which need to be taken.

Consequence of Actions or Decisions - LEVEL B: Consequences of actions or decisions at this level are minor as the work is normally reviewed regularly and errors are usually detected in following operations. Errors may be disruptive to co-workers or may cause minor inefficiency. Costs due to errors are minimal.

Contacts - LEVEL A: The purpose of the contact is to obtain, clarify, give or screen established factual information, regardless of the type (i.e., easily understood or technical) within a well-defined relationship. Normal communication skills are required.

Physical Demands - LEVEL C: The work requires moderate physical exertion.

Environmental Conditions - LEVEL A: The work environment involves normal everyday hazards or discomforts typical of offices, meeting and training rooms, or libraries. Comfortable levels of temperature, ventilation, lighting and sound are inherent in the work environment. Exposure to deviations from pleasant environmental conditions is only occasional. The likelihood of injury is remote.

Supervision/Leadership - LEVEL A: No supervisory or leadership responsibility; may explain work instructions or assist in training others.

Distinguishing Features

Differs from the Service Assistant class which is direct entry level work requiring only limited skills.

Differs from Custodial Supervisor class which is first line supervisory in nature.


Performs cleaning duties in sterile areas (e.g., Laminair Air Flow Unit or Burn Unit). Wears full surgical scrub in performing such procedures.

Performs floor cleaning and refinishing work requiring the use of chemical processes and large technical equipment in order to maintain a sanitary environment.

Coordinates services of contractors cleaning exterior windows of multi-story buildings.



Knowledge of the materials, methods, and practices used in housekeeping operations.

Knowledge of the operation, use, and care of vacuum cleaners, scrubbing machines, polishing machines, and other janitorial equipment.


*Ability to learn the operation and care of vacuum cleaners scrubbing machines, polishing machines, and other janitorial equipment.

Ability to exercise care in the use of cleaning materials for different types of building surfaces.

*Ability to work effectively with fellow workers and others.

*Ability to lift and carry heavy objects.

*Ability and willingness to perform any of a variety of routine cleaning tasks.

*Ability to understand and follow written and oral instructions.

Ability to perform specialized cleaning duties in sterile areas.

*Necessary at entry


None required

NC:   12/88
REV: 12/95
REV: 10/98
REV: 02/00
REV: 08/05
REV: 06/07
REV: 06/08
REV: 06/10