Kansas Department of Administration, Division of Facilities Management
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Procurement Contract List

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Contract NumberContract TitleVendorExpire DateAgencyContract TypePolitical Subdivision Availability
0000000000000000000042804 Dairy Products - KSH HILAND DAIRY FOODS COMPANY LLC 2/28/2018 Com On Veterans Affairs Office AgencyNo
0000000000000000000042803 Dairy Products - KSSB/KSSD ANDERSON ERICKSON DAIRY CO 2/28/2018 School for the Blind, School for the Deaf AgencyNo
0000000000000000000042802 Dairy Products - KU HILAND DAIRY FOODS COMPANY LLC 2/28/2018 University of Kansas AgencyNo
0000000000000000000043342 DAISEY Infrastructure Enhancem UNIV OF KANSAS CENTER FOR RESEARCH INC 6/30/2018 Dept of Health & Environment AgencyNo
0000000000000000000040966 Dark Fiber Installation - Wich WICHITA ELECTRIC COMPANY INC 4/30/2018 Department of Transportation AgencyNo
0000000000000000000040457 DASC GIS Integration UNIV OF KANSAS CENTER FOR RESEARCH INC 9/30/2017 Department of Transportation AgencyNo
A1702839 Data - S300 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE 12/31/2021 Department of Education AgencyNo
10635 DATA ANALYTIC INTERFACE TRUVEN HEALTH ANALYTICS LLC 6/30/2018 Kansas Health Policy Authority, Dept of Health & Environment AgencyNo
0000000000000000000043497 Data Card Reader & Accessories MIDWEST CARD & ID SOLUTIONS LLC 7/31/2020 Adjutant General AgencyYes
0000000000000000000039486 Data Center-Lenexa, KS ARSALON TECHNOLOGIES 7/19/2019 Department of Commerce AgencyNo
0000000000000000000043034 Data Collections & Maintenance CYANNA EDUCATION SERVICES LLC 10/31/2017 Board of Regents AgencyNo
0000000000000000000040117 Data Communications Products PALO ALTO NETWORKS INC 5/31/2019 Department of Administration AgencyNo
40780AB Data Communications Products JMA INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INC 5/31/2019 Statewide MandatoryYes
43046AA Data Communications Products YELLOW DOG NETWORKS INC 5/31/2019 Statewide MandatoryYes
40780AA Data Communications Products SKC COMMUNICATION PRODUCTS LLC 5/31/2019 Statewide MandatoryYes
0000000000000000000043046 Data Communications Products BROCADE COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS INC 5/31/2019 Statewide MandatoryYes
40780A Data Communications Products HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE COMPANY 5/31/2019 Statewide MandatoryYes
0000000000000000000040443 Data Conflation and Aggregatio GEOCOMM 12/31/2017 Department of Transportation AgencyNo
0000000000000000000042837 Data Entry Services KANSAS SHERIFFS ASSOCIATION 8/31/2017 Dept of Health & Environment AgencyNo
0000000000000000000043258 Data Loggers, Temperature Moni BERLINGER USA LLC 6/30/2019 Dept of Health & Environment AgencyNo
0000000000000000000043228 Data Preparation Services SEQUOIA CONSULTING GROUP 6/30/2020 Department of Corrections AgencyNo
0000000000000000000040603 Data Storage & Credential Mgmt GED TESTING SERVICE LLC 12/31/2017 Board of Regents AgencyNo
A1702542 Database - M931 SETTANNI COMPANY INC 8/31/2017 Department of Education AgencyNo
0000000000000000000040576 Database Subscription EBSCO INDUSTRIES INC EBSCO INFORMATION SERVICES 7/31/2019 State Library AgencyNo
0000000000000000000036905 Database Subscription EBSCO INDUSTRIES INC EBSCO INFORMATION SERVICES 7/31/2019 State Library AgencyNo
0000000000000000000041100 DBE Support Services ANGELA R MOTSINGER CPA LLC 12/31/2017 Department of Transportation AgencyNo
0000000000000000000040422 DCF 512 Jackson Parking Garage CITY OF TOPEKA 3/31/2040 Dpt for Children and Families AgencyNo
0000000000000000000041494 DCF Marysville Lease Amendment COPE DEVELOPMENT LLC STEVEN COHORST 2/28/2026 Dpt for Children and Families AgencyNo
0000000000000000000039435 Debit Card-UI Benefit Payment BANK OF AMERICA NA 8/12/2020 Department of Labor AgencyNo
0000000000000000000038874 Debt Collection Services COLLECTION BUREAU OF KANSAS 7/31/2018 Dept of Health & Environment AgencyYes
0000000000000000000043369 Deer Research Project Agreemen KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY 12/31/2021 KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism AgencyNo
0000000000000000000039798 Denim COTSWOLD INDUSTRIES INC 12/31/2017 Ks Correctional Industries AgencyYes
0000000000000000000042508 Density Gauge Prts Equip &Serv TROXLER ELECTRONIC LABORATORIES INC 3008 CONWALLIS RD 12/31/2018 Department of Transportation AgencyNo
0000000000000000000042513 Dental Supplies DARBY DENTAL SUPPLY LLC 8/31/2017 AgencyYes
0000000000000000000038133 Design & Dredge Services, John GREAT LAKES DREDGE & DOCK LLC 6/3/2018 Kansas Water Office AgencyNo
0000000000000000000043009 Desktop Engraver and supplies SCOTT MACHINE DEVELOPM 6/30/2018 Department of Revenue AgencyNo
0000000000000000000042162 Destination by Design- Tourism LISA D WEIGT DBA DESTINATIONS BY DESIGN 6/30/2018 KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism AgencyNo
0000000000000000000043380 Develop and Administer Exams ERGOMETRICS AND APPLIED PERSONNEL RESEAR 6/30/2020 Board of Cosmetology AgencyNo
0000000000000000000038117 Develop and Administer Exams ERGOMETRICS AND APPLIED PERSONNEL RESEAR 9/30/2017 Board of Cosmetology AgencyNo
0000000000000000000038591 Diesel Engines for Dolly Sets MATTIS AEROSPACE INC 8/31/2017 Adjutant General AgencyYes
0000000000000000000037902 Diesel Generator Maintenance FOLEY EQUIPMENT COMPANY 4/30/2018 Department of Administration AgencyNo
0000000000000000000041927 Dietitian Consultant Services GERWICK & ASSOCIATES LLC 6/30/2018 Department of Corrections AgencyNo
0000000000000000000041645 Direct Drive LED T8 Lamps - El KRIZ DAVIS CO 4/30/2021 El Dorado Correctional Faclty AgencyNo
0000000000000000000038508 Disability Determination Legal KANSAS LEGAL SERVICES INC 10/31/2017 Dpt for Children and Families AgencyNo
0000000000000000000040503 Disaster Recovery Fee SUNGARD PUBLIC SECTOR INC 8/31/2017 Department of Administration AgencyNo
0000000000000000000040095 Dispersant and Surfactant ROHM AND HAAS CHEMICALS LLC 12/31/2017 Ks Correctional Industries AgencyNo
0000000000000000000040639 Disposable Incontinent Suppl. PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL INC 12/31/2019 Department of Administration AgencyYes
0000000000000000000040637 Disposable Incontinent Suppl. FIRST CHOICE MEDICAL SUPPLY 12/31/2019 Department of Administration AgencyYes
0000000000000000000040638 Disposable Incontinent Suppl. MIDWEST MEDICAL SUPPLY COMPANY LLC 12/31/2019 Department of Administration AgencyYes
A1602143 Dispute Res - T401/U516 UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY 6/30/2020 Department of Education AgencyNo
0000000000000000000040361 Dist 1 Well Plugging QUALITY WELL SERVICE INC 6/30/2018 Corporation Commission AgencyNo
0000000000000000000038144 Distance Measuring Instruments JAMAR TECHNOLOGIES INC 6/30/2018 Department of Transportation AgencyYes
0000000000000000000042611 Distribution of Visitor Guide RUBEN SCHUCKMAN 12/31/2017 KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism AgencyNo
0000000000000000000037838 DME, Related Equipment & Suppl UNITED SEATING AND MOBILITY LLC (DBA) NUMOTION 2/28/2018 Department of Administration Statewide OptionalYes
0000000000000000000040014 DNA Reagents and Consumables LIFE TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 12/31/2019 Kansas Bureau of Investigation AgencyNo
0000000000000000000041767 DOC Cons Tech MOA KANSAS DEPT OF AGRICULTURE 7/30/2019 KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism AgencyNo
0000000000000000000043235 Document Imaging DREXEL TECHNOLOGIES INC 6/29/2018 Department of Administration AgencyNo
0000000000000000000037149 Document Imaging, Storage & De SCANNING AMERICA INC 9/29/2017 Attorney General AgencyNo
0000000000000000000039885 DODGE CITY LEASE FRONTVIEW LLC 11/30/2021 Corporation Commission AgencyNo
0000000000000000000039920 Dodge City Parole Office Lease ROGER BURDICK DBA BURDICK INVESTMENTS 11/30/2021 Department of Corrections AgencyNo
0000000000000000000041604 Dosimeters S E INTERNATIONAL INC 436 FARM RD 4/30/2018 Adjutant General AgencyYes
0000000000000000000042412 DP1422 Grant Strategies WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY 9/29/2017 Dept of Health & Environment AgencyNo
0000000000000000000037120 Drivers' License Issuance Syst MORPHO TRUST USA INC 8/31/2025 Department of Revenue AgencyNo
0000000000000000000043035 Drone Monitoring & Safety Trng AIRMAP INC 5/31/2019 Department of Transportation AgencyNo
0000000000000000000043149 Drug Testing Products & Srvcs PREMIER BIOTECH INC 7/31/2018 Department of Administration AgencyNo
0000000000000000000042151 Drug Testing Products & Svc PHAMATECH INC 9/30/2017 Department of Administration AgencyYes
0000000000000000000042975 Ducks Unlimited-Habitat DUCKS UNLIMITED INC 6/30/2021 KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism AgencyNo
0000000000000000000039068 Dynamax Speaker FEDERAL SIGNAL CORPORATION 3/31/2019 Kansas Highway Patrol AgencyNo
0000000000000000000041774 Dynamic Message Signs SES AMERICA INC 4/30/2021 Department of Transportation AgencyYes
0000000000000000000041773 Dynamic Message Signs DAKTRONICS INC 4/30/2021 Department of Transportation AgencyYes