Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
January 11, 2008
9:00 - 11:00 a.m.
Room 102, LSOB

The meeting of the Financial Management System (FMS) Steering Committee was called to order by Chair Duane Goossen, Secretary of Administration.  The following persons were in attendance:

Mary Blubaugh, Board of Nursing
Jim Conant, Department of Revenue
Alan Conroy, Legislative Research
Diane Duffy, Board of Regents
Carol Foreman, Department of Administration
Elaine Frisbie, Division of the Budget
Duane Goossen, Division of the Budget
Kathy Greenlee, Department on Aging
Peggy Hanna, Deputy Project Director
Angela Hoobler, Department of Administration
Cindy Hooper Bears, Office of the State Treasurer
Chris Howe, Department of Administration
Patrick Hurley, Department of Administration
Don Jordan, Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services
Dale Jost, Department of Transportation
Alice Knatt, Department on Aging
Dick Koerth, Department of Wildlife & Parks
Denise Moore, Director of DISC
Kent Olson, Project Director
Delberta Pfeifer, Department of Administration
Rhonda Seitz, Department of Transportation
Jerry Sloan, Judicial Branch
Roger Werholtz, Department of Corrections
Dennis Williams, Department of Corrections

Chair Goossen announced a leadership team has been selected who will manage the FMS project.  The Leadership Team is comprised of:

Kent Olson, Project Director
Peggy Hanna, Deputy Project Director
Gary Schneider (from Salvaggio, Teal & Associates), Implementation Manager

I.       Update on FMS Activities

Kent Olson reported that the agency visits and documentation of agency systems are approximately 95% complete.  Agency shadow systems have been studied and the information captured.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) document is approximately 85% complete.  The team will be working with state agencies to incorporate scope requirements and validate and integrate agency-specific requirements.

II.      Discussion of Gartner Report – Five Key Findings and Recommendations

Project Vision
The Project Vision needs to be a comprehensive statement that includes standardization and integration of many financial and administrative functions.  It needs to clearly state what it takes to make the FMS a success.  Kent Olson asked anyone on the Steering Committee who would like to participate in creating the vision statement to please contact Peggy Hanna.

Project Funding
Chair Goossen reported on the project funding:

  • The 2007 Legislature appropriated $2.4M to the Department of Administration to begin implementation. 
  • A FMS fee system was set up to collect fees and should raise $3M per year. 
  • The Department of Transportation has $5.5M it had set aside to purchase a new accounting system and are willing to give that to help fund FMS.
  • During the 2008 Session, the Department of Administration will request an additional $4.2M be added to its base budget.
  • If all of this comes together as planned, the FMS project would be funded at $40M.

Project Governance Structure and Communication
The Gartner report suggested more definition of roles and responsibilities of governance groups like the Steering Committee.  Members discussed decisions that will need to be made by the group, including project scope, procurement oversight, and best practice decisions for statewide application.

Project Workforce
In order for the FMS Project Team to be successful it must add personnel who have a strong combination of functional knowledge, large scale implementation experience, excellent communication skills and a desire to participate in the implementation.  It must have participation by current state employees, but will most likely also have hires from outside state government.  Some employee’s salaries will be paid using FMS funding and some employees may continue to be paid by a state agency.  Chair Goossen said those decisions can be made as people are hired.

Procurement of Software and Systems Integration Services
Chris Howe, Director of Purchases, commented that the RFP development workgroup used the state boilerplate as a base for drafting the RFP.  The document will include unique business requirements and will define scope once it has been determined by the steering committee. 

Evaluation Committee members will need to be identified.  

III.      Steering Committee Agenda – February meeting

  • Discuss and approve the FMS Vision.
  • Present and discuss results of agency shadow system visits.
  • Make final decision/recommendation of FMS project scope.
  • Discuss any outstanding issues related to RFP document.

The next Steering Committee meeting will be on Friday, February 8, 2008, from 9:00 – 11:00 am in Conference Room 1E in Room 102 of the Landon State Office Building.

The meeting adjourned.