Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
February 8, 2008
9:00 - 11:00 a.m.
Room 102, LSOB

The meeting of the Financial Management System (FMS) Steering Committee was called to order by Chair Duane Goossen, Secretary of Administration.  The following persons were in attendance:

Duane Goossen, Division of the Budget
Carol Foreman, Department of Administration
Denise Moore, Director of DISC
Kent Olson, FMS Project Director
Peggy Hanna, FMS Deputy Project Director
Gary Schneider, FMS Implementation Manager
Jim Conant, Department of Revenue
Alan Conroy, Legislative Research
Elaine Frisbie, Division of the Budget
Cory Gallagher, Department of Administration
Cindy Hooper Bears, Office of the State Treasurer
Laura Howard, Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services
Chris Howe, Department of Administration
Patrick Hurley, Department of Administration
Dale Jost, Department of Transportation
Alice Knatt, Department on Aging
Dick Koerth, Department of Wildlife & Parks
Kelly Oliver, Board of Regents
Rhonda Seitz, Department of Transportation
Annette Witt, FMS Functional Team Manager
Delberta Pfeifer, Department of Administration
Mitt Salvaggio, Salvaggio, Teal & Associates (STA)
Scott Brown, STA

I.       Update on FMS Activities

Request for Proposal Development
Based on decisions made during this meeting the RFP can be completed.

Agency Visits and Analysis Report
Twenty-three state agencies were surveyed and then visited to document shadow systems currently being used. 

KITO Filing
The initial filing has been made to the Kansas Information Technology Office, which must approve the project.  Request for final approval will occur following contract negotiations.

Meeting with Vendor Community
Numerous meetings and conversations have taken place with software and systems integrators who might be interested in submitting proposals.

II.      FMS Project Vision

Peggy Hanna presented the vision, objectives and boundaries created by the Steering Committee           Workgroup.  It was suggested the project objectives include language that makes it clear that the new system will improve management decision making tools. 

The Workgroup suggested calling this new financial management system project the “Sunflower Project.”  Because of the possibility of this name being confused with other state projects it was decided a “Financial Management System” caveat be added to prevent confusion.

III.     Final Discussion on FMS Project Scope

Agency Shadow System Analysis
Gary Schneider reported on the findings of the survey and visits with state agencies.  There were 54 agency systems identified to be de-commissioned and 69 interfaces that will need to be modified or developed by agencies.  Also identified were numerous central agency interfaces that will need to be modified or developed by a Systems Integrator.

Options/Recommendations Regarding Scope
The current project scope includes functionality used by most agencies: purchasing; accounts payable; cash management; general ledger including budget control; grant and project accounting; asset management including bar coding; and data warehouse and reporting.  The FMS Leadership Team needed the Steering Committee’s decisions on three Scope elements.  Below are the decisions that were agreed upon:

  • Accounts Receivable/Billing (AR/billing)
    Option chosen: List as mandatory in the RFP and have proposers price separately. 
    The Project Team/Steering Committee will need to determine, at a later date, whether to have an AR/billing pilot that involves a limited number of agencies with an AR/billing need.  Other agencies could be integrated after “go-live.”
  • Labor Distribution
    Option chosen: List as mandatory in the RFP and have proposers price separately.
    RFP will call for vendors to evaluate current practices and then propose a solution that would meet business needs while minimizing the impact on SHARP.  The Project Team/Steering Committee will need to determine the best solution at a later date.
  • Inventory
    Option chosen: List as optional in the RFP and have proposers price only software and not services. 
    Some agencies may be interested in the inventory functionality. 
  • Other Scope Elements
    There was also consideration of other scope elements.  After discussion, the Steering Committee decided to have Travel and Employee Expense functionality listed as optional in the RFP, with proposers pricing only the software and not services.  Barcoding will be deferred until a later date.  Fleet Management was determined to be out of scope. 

 IV.       Discussion of RFP

Chris Howe reported the Division of Purchases has the following tentative target dates:

  • February 15th -  release of the RFP
  • February 28th - Pre-Bid Conference
  • End of March – Bids close
  • May – Vendor demonstrations
  • June or July – Vendor chosen
  • August – Contract execution
  • October 1st – Kickoff

Following the closing of the bids in March, Chris Howe indicated the evaluation team, led by STA, will engage in its responsibilities.  The team will be comprised of six to thirteen members representing a diversity of perspectives and agencies.  Site visits may be conducted once the field of vendors being considered has been narrowed.  All questions regarding the RFP, including vendor contact, should be directed to Angela Hoobler at or 785.296.5387.

V.        Next Steering Committee Agenda

  • Update on RFP
  • Update on Chart of Accounts review
  • Discussion of Project Staffing Needs

The next Steering Committee meeting will be on Friday, March 14, 2008 from 9:00 – 11:00 in Conference Room 1E in Room 102 in the Landon State Office Building.

The meeting adjourned.