Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
October 8, 2008
9:00 - 11:00 a.m.
Conference Room A, 11th Floor, Docking State Office Bldg.

The meeting of the Financial Management System (FMS) Steering Committee was called to order.  The following persons were in attendance:

Mary Blubaugh, Board of Nursing
Duane Goossen, Division of the Budget
Denise Moore, Director of DISC
Kent Olson, FMS Project Director
Peggy Hanna, FMS Deputy Project Director
Gary Schneider, FMS Implementation Manager
Jim Conant, Department of Revenue
Elaine Frisbie, Division of the Budget
Laura Howard, Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services
Rhonda Seitz, Department of Transportation
Jeff Peter, Judicial Branch
Alice Knatt, Department on Aging
Kelly Oliver, Board of Regents
Connie Guerrero, FMS Enterprise Readiness Team Manager
Kirk Teal, Salvaggio, Teal & Associates (STA)
Paul Lavery, Accenture
David Andrews, Accenture
Becky Kersting, DISC
Loren Westerdale, DISC

Kent Olson began the meeting by introducing Dave Andrews and Paul Lavery from Accenture, the consulting firm selected as the systems integration contractor for the FMS project.  Kirk Teal from Salvaggio, Teal and Association (STA) was also introduced.  STA has been on-site helping the State of Kansas for the last year by assisting with the preparation of the RFP for the FMS project and conducting several pre-implementation activities.  Gary Schneider from STA is serving as the Implementation Manager for the FMS project.

I.      Project Status

KITO Plans
Kent Olson reported the project’s KITO plan was approved on Friday, October 3rd.  The KITO plan was developed with detailed activities for the Analyze phase of the project which occurs during the first five months.  The plan will be resource loaded and updated with additional details for the phases occurring during the remaining 16 months of the project.

Team Training
Several project team members attended a ½ day Project Management Methodology Overview course taught by the Persimmon Group.  Some of the project team members are new to State of Kansas employment so this course was a good overview of Kansas IT Project Methodology.

State project team members will begin attending Oracle Certified training courses on Monday, October 13th.  The training will continue over the next 6 weeks and the majority of training will be held on-site.

All State project team members will be in a ½ day workshop next week to learn more about the project plan and schedule and to discuss risks, constraints and assumptions.

Accenture Ramp-up
Staff from Accenture have already started arriving at the State of Kansas.  Several more members will be joining the project over the new few weeks.  The State continues to work with Accenture to further refine the project plan we submitted, complete infrastructure and training planning activities.

Kick-Off Event
The official Project Kick-Off meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, October 29th at the Holiday Inn Holidome.  Two sessions are being offered to allow for the maximum number of staff to attend this event.  The Event will hold a total of 500 attendees and we hope to have both sessions at capacity!

II.     Current Activities

Project Timeline
Gary Schneider went over a timeline of the activities that will occur during the first six months of the project.  He informed Steering Committee members that Conference Room pilots would start sometime in November and continue into the first part of next year.  These sessions will be the first opportunity that most agencies will have to see the actual software.

Agency Outreach
Agency visits continue and several more are in the process of being scheduled.

Gary advised Steering Committee attendees who were not in attendance at the September meeting to contact him if they are interested in information on Business Process Reengineering.  He also asked Steering Committee members to be a champion for the project and to make sure they are sharing information with all levels of their organizations.  He offered for himself and Connie Guerrero to come to their agencies if they have a specific item they would like to discuss or just want their employees to get an update on the project.

A series of conference calls with Regents Institutions have occurred over the last three weeks.  The redesign of Object Codes is being discussed with all of the Regents to determine the impacts of changing attributes of the Object Code schema to their existing Financial Management systems.

Strategies to Track Spend and Enhancements to Object Codes
A team is working on options to capture spend data from Regents, direct pay and Business Procurement Card (BPC) purchases. Project staff learned that Regents Institutions do not currently use Commodity Codes.  A decision on whether or not to require Regents Institutions to use them will need to made.

A representative from UMB bank, the BPC vendor, will be here next week to meet with project staff to see what level of granularity on spend data they can provide. 

It is likely the object code in the new FMS system will be a 6-digit code.  Changes to the attributes of this field could impact many agencies as they use this field in their internal agency systems and business processes.

Business Process Mapping
The majority of Business Process Mapping sessions were completed last week. One more session on Vendor Maintenance will be scheduled in the next few weeks.  A total of 39 unique agencies were invited to attend these sessions.  There were a couple of agencies that did not come to the sessions they were invited to attend.  Project staff will follow-up with these agencies to ensure that they are engaged and understand the importance of participating in project related activities.

Labor Distribution
Project team members are beginning the process of meeting with staff from the 14 agencies that identified the need for a labor distribution solution.  Project team members and staff from the Division of Accounts and Reports, Personnel Services and DISC put together a survey that asks agencies various questions about their systems. 

The two agencies that team members have already met with are in very different situations.  Staff met with the Kansas Department of Commerce.  This agency has an old AS/400 system that they want to decommission.  However, when staff met with the Kansas Insurance Department they found a well designed web-based system that will soon interface to their billing system and meets the needs of the agency.

Gary Schneider went over a timeline of the labor distribution analysis activities.  Analysis is scheduled to be completed in January and a recommendation will be presented to the Steering Committee at that time.  If the Labor Distribution solution is implemented it is likely the Division of Personnel Services will need to add additional resources to assist with this project.

Expectations for Agencies
Gary Schneider informed the group that agencies with systems that will need to be modified or decommissioned will be asked to prepare a project plan for completing this work.  These plans will be linked to milestones in the overall FMS project plan.  Agencies will be asked to provide monthly updates regarding their progress towards completing their projects.

Mary Blubaugh asked if small agencies needed to create a project plan and Gary Schneider informed her that only the agencies with internal systems that needed to be modified or decommissioned needed to go to this level of effort.  The primary impact to small agencies will be to expectation that their staff attend the software training and project related meetings.

The project will have Quality Assurance project team members assigned to assess the Q/A testing procedures and standards at agencies.  If they find deficiencies in the testing methodology they will provide the agency with recommendations.

III.     Project Staffing

Project Staffing & HR
Peggy Hanna reported that nearly all of the 52 project team member positions have been filled.  The project team includes employees from the Department of Administration, 10 State agencies and four private sector companies.

An employee orientation kit has been developed to be issued during the ‘on-boarding’ process for new Accenture and State project team members.  The kit includes a variety of information including expectations, a Topeka Restaurant Guide and information regarding working in the Docking State Office Building.

Kent Olson ended the meeting by informing the group that Peggy Hanna recently testified at the JCIT.  He stated she did an exceptional job and fielded questions about the inclusion of the Regents Institutions and systems that will be decommissioned as a result of the FMS project.

IV.      Next Steering Committee Meeting

The next Steering Committee meeting will be on Friday, November 14, 2008 from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.  The location of the meeting has not yet been determined.

The meeting adjourned.