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DATE March 7, 2011
Module PO
Subject Keep future Staples punch out orders from substituting items ...

Various agencies have reported to the SMART team that Staples items are being replaced with similar items, but not what was ordered and in many cases higher priced items. This is due to the Item ID not being transmitted to Staples.

To keep this from happening on future Staples orders, users should NOT enter the Vendor ID on the requisition, rather they should allow the system to populate the Vendor ID through the Staples punch out process.

Specifically, leave the “Vendor ID” blank on the “Modify Line / Shipping / Accounting” page:

When agencies select the “Modify Line / Shipping / Accounting” button and enter a Vendor ID on that page, the Vendor Item ID is over written with a blank field. When the order is submitted to Staples, they do not have an Item ID to go by so they look for a match on the description and fill the order based on description not item ID.

You may recall that the function of the “Modify Line / Shipping / Accounting” page is to overwrite populated values when needed. Users are not required to input any values on this page unless default (populated) values need to be changed. Users can validate default (populated) values by expanding the Shipping and Accounting section, see screenshot below. You may also edit default (populated) values when this section is expanded. The “Modify Line / Shipping / Accounting” page is good tool for modifying values for several requisition lines at once.



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