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DATE March 18, 2011
Module AP/AR
Subject Hot Topic! Interfund Budget Check
Interfund Vouchers, which have an Origin of ‘I-Initiating’ or ‘R-Reciprocating’ can no longer be Matched, Budget Checked or Posted from the Regular Entry Voucher Page - Invoice Information Tab (see screen shots 1 and 2 below).

Interfund Vouchers SHOULD NOT be approved until the Match Status is ‘Matched’ if a PO is associated to the Interfund. The Voucher/PO can still be matched via the ‘Match Workbench’ (see screen shot 3 below).

Screen Shot 1: Previous View (Matching was displayed in the Drop Down if applicable)

Screen Shot 2: Current View (option is completely grayed out)

Screen Shot 3: Match Workbench (Accounts Payable>Review Accounts Payable Info>Vouchers>Match Workbench)

Insert Image Here

If you have specific questions regarding this, please log a Help Desk Ticket with ‘Interfund Budget Check’ as the title. Thank you.





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