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DATE March 18, 2011
Module AR
Subject INF43 Excel Deposit Upload Issue RESOLVED

The SMART Team has resolved the issue with INF43 – Excel Deposit Upload not functioning. You may now process deposits using INF43

It is important to keep in mind that the INF43 process is used by multiple Agencies. If an Agency submits a bad/empty file it results in all others coming in after to sit in cue until the bad/empty file is removed. The SMART Team IS NOT notified when a bad/empty file is submitted. Please be cognizant of this when submitting files. If you submit an INF43 file and do not see it in SMART once the hourly batch process runs, DO NOT submit it again; this results in duplicate deposits in SMART which then must be deleted by your Agency. Instead, log a Help Desk ticket with INF43 in the title and it will be routed and worked by the appropriate SMART Team Member. If it is urgent that your Deposit be in SMART please enter it online or via INF44 (if your Agency currently uses this Interface).

If you have specific questions regarding the use of the INF43 process or if you were to encounter INF43 issues in the future, please log a Help Desk Ticket with INF43 in the title. There are two Desk Aids titledExcel Deposit Upload (INF43) and INF43 & INF44 Process Error Corrections . They can be found at under the Accounts Receivable section.NOTE: When Daily Batch is not running, you WILL NOT see your Deposit in SMART until daily batch resumes. Please DO NOT submit duplicate INF43 files during this time; it will result in additional work for your agency since you will have to delete all of the duplicate deposits. Thank you.




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