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DATE April 6, 2011
Module PO
Subject Hot Topic! Agency P-Card EMPLID
At SMART go-live, each P-card was required to be assigned to one EMPLID. As employees have changed positions or left employment, transactions have become more difficult to reconcile and problems were discovered when moving a P-card from one Cardholder Profile to another Cardholder Profile.

To address this situation, each agency will be allowed to have a new ‘non-person’ EMPLID (“Agency P-Card EMPLID”) to be used EXCLUSIVELY for assignment of Cardless Travel accounts and Vehicle P-card accounts. This will allow for these P-card accounts to remain with the “Agency P-Card EMPLID” regardless of employment changes.

A policy concerning the use of the “Agency P-Card Employee ID” has been issued by the Department of Administration, Division of Purchases; click here to view Division of Purchases Information Circular Number 11-02. Agency P-Card Coordinator’s will receive an email with information on how to request an “Agency P-Card EMPLID” for their respective agencies.

We are in the process of updating the Job Aid “Adding and Maintaining P-Card Holder Profiles” to reflect the information in Information Circular 11-02. We will send a subsequent Information Blast once the revised job aid is posted.



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