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DATE May 25, 2011
Module Training
Subject SMART Student Center Retired!!

What's New with Training?
The SMART Website > Training Page ( has been updated with the new business process information for SMART Training enrollment and completion.
Effective Thursday, 05-26-2011 the SMART Student Center was retired for all SMART Instructor-Led Training course registrations, enrollments, and completion records, and is no longer in use.
Current course records have been loaded into SHaRP. Historical data from the SMART Student Center will be loaded into SHaRP in the future.
All registrations, enrollments, course completions, and course availability are now facilitated using SHaRP (as the SMART Student Center is no longer being used).
The structure of the Course Codes for SMART Training Courses has been changed. Each SMART Training Course now begins with a letters instead of DA , with the exception of the Time and Labor courses which now begin with TL instead of DA.
Please take the time to review the Training Page on the SMART Website as a lot of information has been added and updated regarding this business process change.
The SMART Training Team would like to thank you for your continued support in making the SMART Training Program a success.

Many thanks,
The SMART Training Team



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