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DATE June 23, 2011
Module PO
Subject Hot Topic! Purchase Order Accounting Date
In the Purchasing presentation during the May ASTRA meeting, slide 18 instructs you to change the PO Date to reflect the same fiscal year as the budget date. During closer review, it was determined that the PO Accounting Date is actually the date needing to be updated. I’ve revised the ASTRA presentation document and the revised version will be posted to the ASTRA Website.

Navigation: Purchasing > Purchase Order > Add/Update POs
From the Purchase Order page, select the “Header Details” link, update the Accounting Date under the “Process Control Option” header, select the OK button and then save the Purchase Order.

Notice: Changing the Accounting Date will not create a change order; however, it will change the Budget Status to “Not Checked”.

Since the PO Accounting Date and the PO Budget Date must be in the same fiscal year to get accurate year end data, the SMART team is monitoring purchase orders for fiscal year mismatches between these dates. When discovered, the SMART team will update the Accounting Date to reflect the same fiscal year as the Budget Date.




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