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DATE June 29, 2011
Module DW
Subject Hot Topic! Access to the SMART Data Warehouse
ATTENTION SMART Data Warehouse Users –

Agencies have expressed interest in access to the SMART Data Warehousefrom July 14 through July 17 while the SMART production system is closed to run the final Fiscal Year 2011 processing and the actual fiscal year end closing programs. Currently users are able to access the Data Warehouse from the SMART production system menu.

We are happy to announce that SMART Data Warehouse users will have access during those times when SMART is unavailable. Access will be granted through SHaRP and will have the same hours of availability as the SHaRP system. SHaRP is available Monday through Friday, 7AM to 6PM and on Saturday and Sunday from 1PM to 6PM.

Specific instructions on how to access the SMART Data Warehouse via SHaRP will be issued at a later date.




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