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DATE June 29, 2011
Module Finance
Subject Hot Topic! Fiscal Year End Update for Week of June 29th through July 6th
Important Dates for this week (June 29th – July 6th)

29-Jun Budget check and Post payroll journals for the Thursday, June 30th off-cycle pay date.
30-Jun Final FY 2011 credit card receipts and credit card clearing fund fees and charges via First Data, American Express, and Discover Card are processed by the State Treasurer. All transactions to this date are credited to fiscal year 2011; all transactions after this date are credited to FY 2012.
1-Jul Updates to payroll position pool definitions for fiscal year 2012 must be entered into SHARP by 6:00 p.m. in order to be reflected in the charges for the on-cycle paychecks dated July 8, 2011 (first on-cycle paychecks charged to fiscal year 2012). Updates should be entered with an effective date of June 12, 2011.
1-Jul FY 2012 appropriations available for expenditure transaction budget checking when the system opens to agency users at 7:00 a.m.
1-Jul July period open for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Management, Billing, General Ledger, and Travel & Expense. Beginning of Concurrent Processing.
4-Jul SMART open to all users (7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.). No daytime or nightly batch processes will run. No paycycles will be run. No Help Desk or SMART production support will be available.
4-Jul Last day to reconcile FY 2011 P-Card transactions loaded to date. FY 2011 funds should be encumbered via the Requisition/Purchase Order process for any unreconciled transactions.
5-Jul First payroll off-cycle for fiscal year 2012. Checks will be dated July 8th.
5-Jul Last non-Purchase Order FY 2011 P-Card transactions expected to be built to vouchers at 8 am.
5-Jul Begin loading FY 2012 P-Card transaction files (posted dates 6/22 - 7/2) in the nightly batch. Daily updates resume, thereafter.
6-Jul Submit FY 2011 GL Encumbrance Request Forms by 5:00 p.m.

Module Reminders

Asset Management
• Processing FY11 Assets: Continue to process any FY11 asset transactions and/or corrections. These must be complete by July 13th. Please see the Hot Topic! email from June 6th for extra instruction.

• There are hundreds of PeopleSoft delivered reports and queries available in SMART. However, only those listed on the SMART Catalog of Reports have been approved for use by agencies. Please remember that if you choose to run a report or query that is not listed on the SMART Catalog of Reports the results have not been validated and the report or query is not supported by the SMART Team. If you find an unsupported report or query that would be useful, please submit a Help Desk ticket with a completed Agency Request Form identifying the report or query name and the corresponding navigation. The request will be reviewed and a determination will be made whether or not to approve. If the request is approved the report will be placed on the enhancement log to be tested and the results validated and will then be added to the SMART Catalog of Reports as an approved report.

Accounts Receivables
• Processing FY11 Deposits during concurrent processing: Please remember to use a valid June date as the accounting date on deposits that you want included in FY11 business.
• Processing FY12 Deposits during concurrent processing: You may use the current July date as the accounting date on deposits that you want included in FY12 business.

Accounts Receivable (Deposit) Processing when SMART is closed to users on July 14 – 15, 2011:

As you are aware, SMART will not be open to agency users on July 14 and July 15, 2011 so that we can complete the FY 2011 closing process. Here’s what you need to know about deposits for this time period:

• The State Treasurer’s Office will have limited access to SMART to allow them to process deposits.

• If you are expecting that funds will be wired to the State Treasurer on one of these days, please enter the appropriate deposit into SMART by 6 p.m. on July 13, 2011 and complete the agency approval. This transaction should have a July 2011 accounting date, so that the deposit is recorded as FY 2012 business. When the wire transfer arrives at the Treasurer’s Office, they will match the funds to the appropriate deposit transaction, and complete the State Treasurer Approval on the deposit. This deposit will then be recorded in SMART as usual during the nightly batch run both of these nights.

• If you are an agency that uses the INF43 Deposit Spreadsheet Upload, or the INF44 Deposit interface, you can continue to upload and submit transactions as you normally would. We will be running the SMART AR Deposit jobs at 10 a.m., noon, and 2 p.m. each of these two days in order that these transactions can be loaded into SMART. If you have processed either an INF43 or an INF44, please e-mail the State Treasurer’s Cash Management Group at to notify them of the Business Unit, deposit id (if known), and deposit total so that they can approve the transaction in SMART. NOTE: This is the only way you will be able to enter deposits in SMART these two days.

The Credit Card Receipts will run into SMART as scheduled at 8 a.m. on each of these days.

• P-Card Transactions:
o The P-Card voucher build process will be run on both Wednesday (6/29) and Thursday (06/30) of this week, first thing in the morning. We will also be manually kicking off the budget validation process Tuesday (06/28) evening.
Several agencies reported that approved P-Card transactions had not built to P-Card vouchers during the Monday (June 27th) batch process. The P-Card transactions were not pulled into P-Card vouchers because the approved transactions had a Budget Status of “Not Checked”. Agencies have also reported that in the past it has not been necessary for them to manually run the budget validation process. To the best of our knowledge, this is due to the suspension of the P-Card load process. The P-Card load process will resume on July 5th until that time, please run the budget validation process manually from the reconciliation page.
o All P-Card transactions that need to be paid with FY 2011 funds must be reconciled and have a valid budget status by close of business on Monday, July 4th or have a Purchase Order created for each merchant.
• Sourcing Workbench: Continue to check the sourcing workbench on a daily basis and work any errors found there ( “Sourcing Workbench Errors” job aid).
• Outstanding Encumbrances: Continue to review and resolve discrepancies for any outstanding encumbrances including prior year encumbrances.
• Open Purchase Orders: Continue looking for Open POs to determine whether they should be approved. The PO must be approved before the encumbrance is generated. This is also true if a change order has been created on a Purchase Order, the change order must be approved before the encumbrance is impacted. Cancel any POs that should not be approved.
• Monthly PO Close: The monthly PO Close batch process ran on June 4, 2011. This monthly process will not be ran during the month of July (“Manual PO Close Process” job aid).
• SMART Access: Keep in mind that agencies will not have access to SMART on July 14th or July 15th. During these two days, central will be cleaning up the system. For purchasing this means that requisition lines for FY2011 on the sourcing workbench will be resolved and the subsequent requisition / requisition line(s) will be canceled, any open Requisitions for FY2011 and any open FY2011 Purchase Orders will be canceled.




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