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DATE July 5, 2011
Module PO
Subject Hot Topic! REMINDER: Entering Requisitions during concurrent processing

When entering requisitions during the concurrent processing period to be paid by FY 11 funds, you need to do the following:

• PR must be entered and Saved by July 8th
• Procedures:
• “Save and Preview” Purchase Requisition
• Submit Help Desk: must be logged by July 8th
o Category: Purchasing
o Subcategory: Budget Date Updates
ü Description: include Purchase Requisition number(s)
o Budget Date will be updated on the PR and notification sent to agency
o Agency submits the PR for approval
• Subsequent PO must be Approved, Budget Checked and Dispatched by July 13th

Once the requisition has been sourced to a PO, you will need to change the Accounting Date on the Purchase Order to an FY 11 date.

Navigation: Purchasing > Purchase Order > Add/Update POs
From the Purchase Order page, select the “Header Details” link, update the Accounting Date under the “Process Control Option” header, select the OK button and then save the Purchase Order.

Notice: Changing the Accounting Date will not create a change order; however, it will change the Budget Status to “Not Checked”.




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