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DATE July 5, 2011
Module PO
Subject Hot Topic! REMINDER: FY11 PCard Transactions not reconciled
FY11 PCard Transactions: POs will need to be created for any P-Card transaction payments that need to use FY2011 funds but were not reconciled by end of day July 4th. A PO will need to be created for each merchant. If multiple P-Cards are used for a single merchant, you will need a PO for each merchant / P-Card combination.

REMINDER: Requisitions must be entered and saved no later than end of business on July 8th. Subsequent POs must be Approved, Budget Checked and Dispatched by July 13th.

NOTE: Do NOT create UMB voucher payments. System will create vouchers based on reconciled P-Card transactions.

On Hold P-Card Transactions: We have started the process for loading the P-Card transactions that have been on-hold. These transactions will inherit an FY 2012 budget date. These transactions can be paid with FY 2011 funds if a Purchase Order with an FY 2011 encumbrance is associated to the transaction. You may start seeing these P-Card transactions as early as 3:00 PM today (July 5th). We anticipate having all the P-Card transactions loaded by tomorrow (July 6th)




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