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DATE July 6 , 2011
Module Finance
Subject Hot Topic! Fiscal Year End Update for Week of July 6th through July 13th
Important Dates for this week (July 6th – July 13th)
6-Jul Submit FY 2011 GL Encumbrance Request Forms by 5:00 p.m.
8-Jul Last day to enter FY 2011 Purchase Requisitions and request the budget date be changed to 6/30/2011 via the Help Desk.
12-Jul Last day to enter FY 2011 Expense Reports and request the budget date be changed to 6/30/2011 via the Help Desk.
12-Jul Final FY 2011 interface files must be placed on the mainframe by 5:00 p.m. to be processed.
13-Jul Last day for FY 2011 online processing. PO transactions must be successfully budget checked, approved, and dispatched. BI transactions must be finalized and moved into AR. AR transactions must be successfully budget checked, posted and approved. AP transactions must be edited (error-free), budget checked, matched, in postable or posted status, and all agency approvals complete. EX transactions must be edited, budget checked, and all agency approvals complete. GL Journals must be successfully edited, budget checked, agency approved and submitted into workflow for central approval.
13-Jul Last day for FY 2011 Asset processing. All capital assets (including CIP) must be entered. Any adjustments, transfers, and retirements must be complete. All outstanding Interface Id's must be loaded. Any unloaded Interface Id's for FY2011 remaining after July 13 will be deleted.
13-Jul Last day to dispatch FY 2011 Purchase Orders that resulted from PR's entered during concurrent processing.
13-Jul Final processing of FY 2011 transactions expected. Concurrent Processing ends at 6:00 p.m. All FY 2011 interfunds, vouchers, and deposits that are not fully processed as of the close of business will be deleted beginning on July 14th.

Module Reminders

Asset Management
• Processing FY11 Assets: Continue to process any FY11 asset transactions and/or corrections. These must be complete by July 13th. Please see the Hot Topic! email from June 6th for extra instruction.

• P-Card Transactions:
FY11 PCard Transactions - POs will need to be created for any P-Card transaction payments that need to use FY2011 funds but were not reconciled by end of day July 4th. A PO will need to be created for each merchant. If multiple P-Cards are used for a single merchant, you will need a PO for each merchant / P-Card combination.

o REMINDER: Requisitions must be entered and saved no later than end of business on July 8th. Subsequent POs must be Approved, Budget Checked and Dispatched by July 13th.

o NOTE: Do NOT create UMB voucher payments. System will create vouchers based on reconciled P-Card transactions.
On Hold P-Card Transactions – Tuesday (07/05/2011) afternoon and early this morning (07/06/2011) you may have seen several P-Card transactions in SMART with a billing date of July 5, 2011; however, during the load process we encountered problems and the data may not be complete. To resolve the issue we have removed the transactions from SMART and will be reloading the data. If any P-Card transactions with a July 5, 2011 billing date were reconciled, they will need to be re-reconciled.
We will start the reload process today (07/06/2011) and it will probably continue into Thursday (07/07/02011).
• Entering Requisitions for FY11 during Concurrent Processing: Procedures – 1) Requisition must be entered and saved by July 8th, 2)“Save and Preview” requisition, 3)submit Help Desk ticket [Category: Purchasing, Subcategory: Budget Date Updates], 4)Budget Date will be updated and notification sent to agency, 5) Agency submits the requisition for approval, 6) subsequent PO must be Approved, Budget Checked and Dispatched by July 13th.
• FY11 PO Accounting Dates: Once the requisition with an FY11 Budget Date has been sourced to a PO, you will need to change the Accounting Date on the Purchase Order to an FY 11 date.
Navigation - Purchasing > Purchase Order > Add/Update POs
From the Purchase Order page, select the “Header Details” link, update the Accounting Date under the “Process Control Option” header, select the OK button and then save the Purchase Order.
Notice - Changing the Accounting Date will not create a change order; however, it will change the Budget Status to “Not Checked”.
• Sourcing Workbench: Continue to check the sourcing workbench on a daily basis and work any errors found there. Outstanding Encumbrances: Continue to review and resolve discrepancies for any outstanding encumbrances including prior year encumbrances.
• Open Purchase Orders: Continue looking for Open POs to determine whether they should be approved. The PO must be approved before the encumbrance is generated. This is also true if a change order has been created on a Purchase Order, the change order must be approved before the encumbrance is impacted. Cancel any POs that should not be approved.
• Monthly PO Close: The monthly PO Close batch process ran on June 4, 2011. This monthly process will not be ran during the month of July.
• SMART Access: Keep in mind that agencies will not have access to SMART on July 14th or July 15th. During these two days, central will be cleaning up the system. For purchasing this means that requisition lines for FY2011 on the sourcing workbench will be resolved and the subsequent requisition / requisition line(s) will be canceled, any open Requisitions for FY2011 and any open FY2011 Purchase Orders will be canceled.



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