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DATE July 20, 2011
Module Travel
Subject Hot Topic! Expense Report processing in FY 2012
Topic: Expense Report processing in FY 2012

If agency employees have expense reports for travel occurring in FY2011, and there is no approved travel authorization in SMART, you will need to use the Prior Fiscal Year Claims Process as described in PM 11,966 ( with the following additional procedures specific to expense report claims:

1. PRIOR TO ENTERING THE TRANSACTION IN SMART, the AR-97 ( must be completed and submitted to the Audit Services Team. Audit Services will review and return a claim number to the agency fiscal office.

2. When this expense report is entered into SMART, the claim number should be entered in the reference field on the Expense Report Header as “CL XXXX” where “XXXX” represents the claim number returned to the agency by Audit Services in step 1.

When the claim number is entered by the traveler or proxy at the time of the initial Expense Report entry, the Reference Number is entered in the field shown below:

If the claim number is added by an approver (e.g., the fiscal office), the Reference Number is added from the Modify Approved Transactions Page:

3. The Expense Report will be paid as a FY 2012 transaction in SMART against FY 2012 funds.

For Expense Reports that have already been entered in SMART, the SMART Team will identify Expense Reports entered in SMART for prior fiscal year travel for which there is no travel authorization attached. Audit Services will contact the agency fiscal office to ask if a travel authorization exists. As these Expense Reports are being reviewed, the employee profile may be put on hold to prevent a particular Expense Report from processing through to a paid status while the claim is filed and processed. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOT remove this hold on the employee profile. This will do nothing except delay the payment further or impact how charges are recorded in your budgetary accounts.

We anticipate making Expense payments in accordance with our standard schedule beginning Thursday, July 21, 2011. We will run Expense checks on this day, and then return to the standard expense check schedule of each Wednesday…….ACH expense payments will be processed every day.

No help ticket is necessary to process a claim. If your expense report meets the criteria described above, you will just need to follow these procedures.

We appreciate your patience as we work through these new SMART business processes.

The SMART Team



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