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DATE August 4, 2011
Module PO
Subject Hot Topic! Purchasing Updates
PO /PCard Change Order: In the past, PCards could not be associated to a Purchase Order once it had been approved and dispatched. A modification was implemented on August 2, 2011 to allow Buyers to add/change/remove PCards on dispatched Purchase Orders by selecting the PO Change Order icon at the header level. This modification applies to all dispatched POs.

PCard updates to a purchase order will be recorded on the “Manage Change Orders” pages: Purchasing > Purchase Orders > Manage Change Orders > Review Change History / Review Change Orders. The change order history will not provide detailed information but will indicate the action that was taken:

• P-Card Not Assigned: PCard has never been associated to the Purchase Order
• P-Card Added: PCard has been added
• P-Card Removed: PCard has been removed
• P-Card Changed: PCard has been changed

Supplier Contracts: Effective August 1, 2011 when creating a Supplier Contract the “Contract Process Option” will default to “Purchase Order”. [Navigation: Supplier Contracts > Create Contracts and Documents > Contract Entry]

PO/Req Monthly Close process: Reminder that the PO/Req monthly close process resumes this weekend. Agencies may want to run the KS_PO_MAY_CLOSE query before end of day on Friday and take action if a PO on the list should not be closed. [Navigation: Reporting Tools > Query Viewer > KS_PO_MAY_CLOSE]




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