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DATE August 22, 2011
Module PO
Subject Hot Topic! PCard Vouchers
PCard Vouchers: Do NOT delete PCard vouchers and/or PCard voucher lines. The voucher ID and voucher line number captured on the PCard transaction is NOT updated when a PCard voucher/voucher line is deleted. Consequently, SMART will have a PCard transaction that lists a PCard voucher ID/voucher line that no longer exists in the system and which can only be interpreted to mean that the transaction has NOT been paid.

PCard vouchers are created twice weekly, Monday and Thursday mornings. All PCard transactions that are in “Approved” status with a Budget status and Chartfield status of “Valid” will be picked up and built to a PCard voucher. Each line of the PCard Voucher represents one (1) PCard transaction line. The voucher ID and voucher line number are captured in the PCard records during the voucher build process. The voucher ID and line number on the PCard transaction is what allows us to track the PCard payments.

If you have an extenuating circumstance in which a PCard voucher/voucher line must be deleted, you will need to submit a help desk ticket explaining the situation.

PCard Transaction Data: We have had several agencies report PCard transaction data anomalies such as: 1) the rental agreement number for the Enterprise Rent-A-Car PCard transactions are no longer showing up in the description field, and 2) the Purchase Order number for Staples PCard transactions are no longer showing up on tab five (5) of the transaction details page. We learned today (08/22/2011) that the data currently appears as it should have appeared all along. The VISA file had the Customer Code and Purchase ID fields swapped.

The data is still available, for Enterprise Rent-A-Car navigate to tab four (4) on the Visa Transaction Details page:

The PO ID information for Staples PCard transactions is also on tab four (4):




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