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DATE September 20, 2011
Module Travel
Subject Hot Topic! Travel and Expense Processing
The Travel and Expense Module has been operating on a modified processing schedule since July 18, 2011, in order to properly process FY2011 and FY2012 Expense Transactions. As of Wednesday, September 21st we will resume our normal processing schedule. The budget checking process will resume running on an hourly basis. The posting process will resume running on a nightly basis.
What this means to you.
For FY2011 Travel Expenses you must follow one of the following procedures. Transactions that are for FY2011 travel that are processed against FY2012 funds will be subject to an audit finding.

1. If agency employees have expense reports for travel occurring in FY2011, and there is no approved travel authorization in SMART, you will need to use the Prior Fiscal Year Claims Process as described in PM 11,966 ( with the following additional procedures specific to expense report claims:

• PRIOR TO ENTERING THE TRANSACTION IN SMART, the AR-97 ( must be completed and submitted to the Audit Services Team. Audit Services will review and return a claim number to the agency fiscal office.

• When this expense report is entered into SMART, the claim number should be entered in the reference field on the Expense Report Header as “CL XXXX” where “XXXX” represents the claim number provided to the agency by Audit Services in step 1.

1. If agency employees have expense reports for travel occurring in FY2011, and the travel should be charged to FY2011 you will need to submit a help desk ticket prior to submitting the expense report to receive further processing instruction. You will need to follow this process even though you may have a FY2011 Travel Authorization for the Travel.

Please include the following information when submitting the help desk ticket:
Subject: FY2011 Travel
Category: Accounts Payable
Sub Category: Travel and Expenses
Description: Please provide the encumbering document number



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