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DATE September 21, 2011
Module PO
Subject Hot Topic! PCard Notifications

Federal Fiscal Year End Reminder: Agencies needing to report for Federal Fiscal Year End will need to make sure that PCard transactions are reconciled by end of day on Wednesday, September 28, 2011. All approved PCard transactions with valid Budget and Chartfield status’ will be built to PCard vouchers Thursday morning.

PCard Reconciliation: Agencies have been directed to enter a "Description" for each PCard transaction. As delivered the "Description" field is located on the "Billing" tab. To reduce the number of keystrokes, the "Description" field can be moved to the "Transaction" tab by using the steps outlined in Solutions Article 728.

Duplicating Distribution Lines: If during the PCard reconciliation process a speedchart is used for the default chartfields and the speedchart does not have an Account Code, the distribution lines may be duplicated. To prevent this from happening the “Account” field cannot be left blank. Solutions Article 727 provides the steps to take to prevent the duplication of distribution lines.




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