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DATE October 6, 2011
Module PO
Subject PO Updates

Staples Confirmation Notifications: On Monday (October 3, 2011) an Info Blast was sent out indicating that Staples was working on resolving the issue of confirmation notifications not being sent. Representatives with Staples have been contacting agencies to obtaining email address’ for the various Ship To locations. At this point, Staples has asked that agencies contact Tracy May if they are still not receiving confirmations:

Tracy May


Phone: 816-504-2186

Your help in resolving this issue is appreciated.

“Amount Only” Reminder: Please review solutions article 569 [] which discusses when you would use the “Amount Only” check box and where it is located on both the Requisition and PO.

A number of help desk tickets have been submitted recently asking why the user was not able to pull a PO into a voucher. When you navigate to the “Activity Summary” page [Purchasing > Purchase Orders > Review PO Information > Activity Summary] the PO in question is a quantity PO and the quantity on the PO has been fully matched, ie ordered a quantity of one (1), invoiced a quantity of one (1). The agency needed to make multiple payments against the PO and should have selected the “Amount Only” check box on either the requisition or PO.




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