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DATE January 18, 2012
Module AP/PO
Subject Hot Topic! Duplicating issue during the matching process

There is a known issue in SMART in which during the matching process the quantity/amount is being duplicated if there are multiple receipts against a single voucher line. We believe that this issue will be resolved once the bundle project is complete. However, the work around for this issue is to copy from the receipts instead of the PO. Here is a link to the job aide for creating a voucher from a receipt:


What agencies will notice is that they have a PO that has a remaining quantity but the PO is not available to be pulled into the voucher. From the PO side you can see this issue by navigating to the “Activity Summary” page.

Navigation: Purchasing > Purchase Orders > Review PO Information > Activity Summary

On the “Details” tab you will see that for line one (1) the Order Qty is 210:

On the “Receipt” tab you will see that for line one (1) the Qty Received is 158:

On the “Invoice” tab you will see that for line one (1) the Quantity Invoiced is 148, this would tell me that there are receipts that have not been vouchered against as of yet:

On the Matched tab you will see that there is a Qty Matched of 290.5013:

The matched quantity exceeds the PO Order Qty and therefore SMART believes that the PO has been fully matched even though there is a quantity of 52 that has not been received or vouchered. Since the PO is showing as fully matched, this PO number will not be available to be pulled into future vouchers.




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