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DATE January 19, 2012
Module Finance
Subject HOT TOPIC - - SMART Service Desk 'Solutions' Database


Got a question? There may be an available solution waiting for you in the SMART Service Desk Solutions database. And remember, you do not have to have a Service Desk ‘User Name’ (signon) and password to get to the Solutions. These ‘Solutions’ are like a library and are there for all agency employees to use. As an example, if you need to find out how to adjust a deposit, there is an available Solution that walks you through this process. All you need to do is type in a keyword of ‘adjust’ or ‘deposit’ or both ‘deposit adj’ and the database will be searched for a ‘Solution’ that contains these words. Instructions are below.

  • First step is to go to:
  • The screen below will be presented, click on the ‘SMART Solutions Knowledge Base’ link.

  • The Solutions page will be presented.

  • To perform a search on a particular topic, enter a key word in the box next to the magnifying glass and click on ‘Search Solutions’. All Solutions with the key word entered, in this case ‘deposit adj’, will be presented.

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