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DATE January 24, 2012
Module PO
Subject Hot Topic! Staples Substitutions for State Use Items

Staples has updated their Eway shopping website to reflect substitutions of State Use Vendor items for name brand products, when applicable. Previously for SMART users, the substitution was made after the Purchase Order was dispatched to Staples, instead of during the shopping/Requisition stage. This caused numerous match exceptions on the associated voucher lines.

Eway will now display when a name brand item is available from a State Use vendor as soon as the item is added to the cart. The user will see a screen similar to the one shown below, indicating that the requested item is being substituted with a State Use item. Selecting ‘Continue’ will place the State Use item in the Shopping Cart.

Upon checking out, the substituted item is returned to the SMART Requisition and will source to the subsequent Purchase Order.




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