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DATE March 3, 2012
Module AP
Subject Hot Topic! Month End Voucher Unposting Instructions

Subject: Unposting vouchers during Month End concurrent processing

Issue: When unposting prior month vouchers during concurrent processing, the system defaults today’s date for the reversal accounting date. As a result, the voucher reversal posts in the current month in the General Ledger. The original voucher has an accounting date in the prior month and is picked up and posted again in the nightly batch. Since the prior month is still open, the voucher posts again to the prior month in the General Ledger. As a result, two accruals are posted in one month and the related reversal is posted in the subsequent month as depicted below.

Prior Month


Expense $100

A/P -$100


Expense $100

A/P -$100

Current Month


A/P $100

Expense -$100

Solution: To ensure that you Post, Unpost and RePost a voucher in the same Month and Budget Period, you will need to adhere to the procedure outlined below.

  • Navigate to the Unpost Voucher page: Accounts Payable-> Vouchers-> Add/Update-> UnPost Voucher
  • Search for the voucher that you want to unpost.

  • The Accounting Date in the Update Voucher section will populate based upon the Accounting Date listed on the voucher.

  • In the Reversal Accounting Date section select the radio button next to “Use Specific Date”
  • In the Accounting Date field, enter the appropriate accounting date when unposting vouchers. In this example, a Reversal Accounting Date of 2/29/2012 would allow this voucher to be unposted in February 2012. If the Business Unit Default radio button was selected, the unpost would occur using the current date (example: 3/1/2012) and when the voucher is posted again, it would post to February 2012 while the period is still open. This would result in a double accrual in February and a reversal in March.
  • Click the yellow Unpost button.

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