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DATE March 29, 2012
Module DW
Subject Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse Solution: Internet Explorer v9 browser causes requests to lockup.

Problem: My Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse request will not process and locks up. I open the request, change the criteria, but when I try to Display Results, the Data Warehouse locks up and results are not returned.

Resolution: Check the version of Internet Explorer (IE) you are using. If you are using Internet Explorer version 9, change the Compatibility View Settings.

  • Check your IE version: Open your browser, go to Help, then About Internet Explorer. The version information will appear.

  • If you are running IE 9 please follow the instructions below.
  • Open your IE9 browser. On the top menu, go to Tools>Compatibility View Settings

  • Add in the Add This Website section. Click the Add button.

  • Login to the Data Warehouse and run the request.

Thank you!

Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing Team,

Dept. of Administration



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