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DATE April 20, 2012
Module PO
Subject HOT TOPIC ** Requisition Approvals **

It has come to our attention that approvals through the eProcurement > Approve Requisitions navigation is not working for some individuals. At this time, we ask that agencies approve requisitions one (1) at a time and it would be preferable to use the worklist link at the top of your screen:

The SMART team is reviewing this issue and will notify agencies when more information is available.

Below is an example of the issue that we are seeing.


Navigation: eProcurement > Approve Requisitions

Select the “Mark All – Approve” option:

Select the “Submit” button. You will receive a confirmation page, select OK:

The requisitions will no longer be displayed on the Approve Requisitions page; however, when you navigate to the Manage Requisitions page they will still have a pending status waiting for your approval:

If you access your worklist by selecting the “Worklist” link at the top of your screen, all the requisitions will still be listed:

Thank you for your attention to this.

The SMART Team



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