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DATE April 20, 2012
Module AR
Subject HOT TOPIC ** Deposits in Unapproved Status **

UPDATE: Deposits in Unapproved Status

Please review the following information in order to determine how your agency should proceed with SMART Deposits for the remainder of the day: Deposits entered on 4/20/2012 (today), either online or via an upload process, could be approved by the agency, and were approved by the State Treasurer’s Office (STO) in accordance with the normal business process.
  • Deposits entered on 4/19/2012 and prior, please continue to not take any approval action for the rest of the day.The SMART Finance Team is working with the Office of Information Technology Services and the STO to ensure that the approval activity values are restored appropriately. At this time, we expect this to be accomplished prior to the SMART nightly batch tonight, and that agencies will be able to resume normal deposit approvals after tonight’s nightly batch completes.

  • In order to accomplish the work necessary prior to SMART nightly batch, the 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. AR hourly batches will not be run today.
As a result of the deposits reflecting an unapproved status at the time nightly batch was run on 4/19/2012, there were no GL Journals created and therefore no GL Balances updated to reflect yesterday’s deposit activity. We expect these transactions to be created and processed in tonight’s (4/20/2012) batch cycle for both the deposits approved and released by the STO on 4/19/2012 and 4/20/2012.

Thank you,

The SMART Team



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