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DATE May 10, 2012
Module AP/AR
Subject *** New Interfund Query Now Available ***

A new interfund query is now available in the SMART system that will help agencies identify interfund transactions that have been approved on both sides but have not yet been posted to the sub-ledger.

The query will return results for either side (deposit or voucher) to which your agency is a party, and at least one of the following is true: 1) Voucher is not posted 2) Payment is not posted 3) Deposit is not posted. This query should give you an indication of transaction exceptions that may need further review. Depending on when you run the query, you may have interfunds that were approved in the current day’s activity that have not yet posted in the nightly batch. If the deposit or voucher approval date reflects the current or previous day’s date, you can likely ignore it. We recommend running it first thing in the morning before new approvals are registered to avoid extraneous results. We recommend running this query at least monthly and more frequently as fiscal year end close approaches.

Navigation: Reporting Tools->Query->Query Viewer


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We also want to make sure you are aware of the other interfund query that is available that shows interfunds for your agency (both Initiated and Received) that are attached to a Deposit ID or Voucher ID and are pending approval/action.

Navigation: Reporting Tools->Query->Query Viewer


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