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DATE May 29, 2012
Module PO
Subject *** Year-End P-Card Processing ****

In order to ensure P-Card transactions are charged to the proper General Ledger (fiscal year) period during concurrent processing the following change to the fiscal year-end schedule is being made:

P-Card transactions will load the night of 6/22, which will include posting date of 6/21. All subsequent files will be held until July 10. On that morning, after the P-Card voucher build is finished, the held files will be loaded, which will include posting dates from 6/22 through 7/9.

The held files will have a default budget date of FY13. If the agency wishes to use FY12 funds on the transactions occurring between June 22 and June 30, they will need to associate an FY12 PO to each of these transactions during the reconciliation process. Agencies will not be able to pay for these transactions until after concurrent processing is completed.

Thank you,

The SMART Team



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