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DATE July 3, 2012
Module AP/AR
Subject Additional Information regarding Interfunds during concurrent processing

On Monday, July 2 an Info Blast was sent with information concerning interfund voucher dates during year-end. The following procedures document how to correct the accounting information if you miss fixing the dates on the vouchers before the interfund was approved and processed for payment.

If you find that you have approved an interfund voucher before reviewing the dates, and note that the budget date is incorrect and processed in the wrong fiscal year, you will need to do an AP Journal Voucher.

If the Accounting Date on the voucher is in the OLD fiscal year, and the Budget Date is in the NEW fiscal year, the journal voucher is entered as follows:

Add a new journal voucher:

Allow the Accounting Date to default into the document with the current (new year) date. Complete the amount and funding on the DISTRIBUTION Line, remembering that this amount must be negative to reduce the new year expenses. This funding should be the same as that of the voucher being corrected.

The budget date on this first distribution line is the new year.

The next step is to change the accounting date on the screen to a date in the old year (06/30/2012 or prior) and add a DISTRIBUTION line. The amount on the new DISTRIBUTION Line will be a positive amount:

Complete the funding on DISTRIBUTION Line 2:

Note that the budget dates look like they do in this example:




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