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DATE October 10, 2012
Module AM
Subject New Query

Subject: New Query Displays All Vouchers With Asset Data

A query has been developed to help agencies validate all assets have been added to the Asset Management module in SMART. To be most effective, this query should be run at least once prior to year end. Some agencies may want to reconcile their asset listings monthly.

This query displays a list of all vouchers within a specified date range with 54xxxx account codes. You should be able to use the Asset Inventory List report in conjunction with this query to make sure all capital assets have been added to SMART. Note that this list includes all 54xxxx account codes, including those for noncapital assets. If your agency's business practice is to not track noncapital assets in SMART, you should ignore the lines with account codes ending in 54xx90 or 54xx91. Also note that integration details have been included (ASSET_FLG, ASSET_ID, and PROFILE_ID fields). The ASSET_ID field will most likely say NEXT unless the voucher was adjusting an existing asset's cost. Again, those fields are only pertinent if your agency utilizes the integration.

To run this query, navigate to Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer. The name of the query is KS_AM_VCHRS_WITH_54XXXX_ACCT.




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