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DATE October 22, 2012
Subject SQL Errors and Clearing Browser Cache

During the time frame of September 24, 2012, through October 1, 2012, many users experienced SQL errors while transacting in SMART. Our technical staff found that reason for the errors was due to one of the SMART web servers not performing correctly. By October 1, that web server was functioning as expected and the SQL errors should have ceased.

When users ran into the SQL errors, in many cases they were able to simply start the transaction over again. In other cases, transactions were already saved in the system, but workflow did not work correctly so the transactions were unable to process further. For the latter situation, users needed to log SMART Service Desk tickets to have their transactions updated so that processing could continue. If there is a case where this was not done, it’s not too late for a Service Desk ticket to be logged. Please be sure to include as much detail as possible on the ticket so that the SMART technician can troubleshoot the transaction. SQL errors and any resulting issues will continue to be a top priority for the SMART team.

Going forward, if any user receives an SQL error while transacting in SMART, please immediately log a SMART Service Desk ticket so that the appropriate resources can be alerted to the issue and will have an accurate description for the magnitude of the problem. Please be sure to include your SMART User ID and, as close as possible, the exact time the SQL error was received.

Users should also take the time to clear the internet browser cache on their computer at least once per month. Another term for this is “delete browsing history”. Performing this can alleviate some technical system issues that users may experience from time to time when transacting in SMART. Users should check with their IT department for specific instructions on how to perform this on their computer within the internet browser utilized.

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