SMART Messages


DATE October 2 3, 2012
Module AP
Subject SMART Vendor Name changed to "DON'T USE VENDOR-PER IRS-DO NOT ADD NEW"

If you are trying to process a payment and the vendor name has been changed to DON’T USE VENDOR-PER IRS-DO NOT ADD NEW and the vendor status is denied; a W-9 MUST be obtained from the vendor to reactivate the vendor for payment.

Forward a scanned copy of the W-9 to ARVendor@da.ks.govwith the subject line W-9 PER IRS RE-ACTIVATE VENDOR.

The Office of General Services recently received the CY2011 B Notice information from the Internal Revenue Service. The B Notice identifies mismatched information between SMART and the IRS records. Each B Notice vendor name is changed to DON’T USE VENDOR-PER IRS-DO NOT ADD NEW.



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