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DATE November 9, 2012
Module AP
Subject Cleaning up IRS 1099 reporting on vouchers for calendar year 2012.

If you are aware of any errors in 1099 reporting on your SMART payment vouchers PAID during calendar year 2012, please submit a help ticket with the subject of “1099 correction”.

You can add/remove reporting, or change the 1099 type and class.

The following information is required (if you have more than 1 correction please complete the attached spreadsheet and include it with the help ticket):

Business Unit

Vendor ID

Vendor Location (3 digit)

Vendor name

Voucher ID

Voucher invoice line

Amount per invoice line

1099 reporting Yes/No/Change (“yes” to add reporting, “no” to remove reporting, “change” for change type/class).

1099 Type (required if adding or changing type or class)

1099 Class (required if adding or changing type or class)

Please remember SMART 1099 reporting is controlled by you (not the account code). If the vendor is marked reportable, the default on the voucher is to report the payment.

Resources for determining proper 1099 reporting: Page 6 and 7 of the job aid “Create a 1099 Voucher” has Examples of payments by 1099 type and class:

PowerPoint review of setting up vendors for 1099 reporting and an account code guide:

IRS guide to each type of 1099, including the payments for each:,,id=98114,00.html

SMART withholding codes:

Attached Spreadsheet



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