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DATE March 2, 2012
Module Finance
Subject HOT TOPIC *** Month End Clean Up *****

Subject: Month End Clean Up

Just a reminder that users should be making an effort to locate any erroneous, stale, or stuck transactions on at least a monthly basis. To provide a framework for that work, month end checklists are available for your reference. If you are unable to resolve an issue by deleting or otherwise processing the transaction to completion, please log a service desk incident for assistance.

We hope these checklists are useful to you as you prepare to complete your monthly financial activities for various SMART modules. You can access them on the SMART Training Resources page at

You will find checklists for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Management, General Ledger, and Purchasing. They are located about halfway down the page, under the heading "Month-End Checklists."

Thank you

The SMART Team



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