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MESSAGE 021711-01
DATE February 17, 2011
AUTHOR Data Warehouse
Subject Commitment Control Budget Balance Subject Area
Message Text:


The data warehouse team has removed the FMS - GL - Commitment Control Budget Balances subject area from the data warehouse to research an issue. Once the issue has been resolved, a communication will be sent out notifying you that the subject area is available again. The Commitment Control dashboard will also be modified to include only the following reports that were created in the FMS - GL - Commitment Control Activity Log subject area:
· Total Encumbrance Activity (CC_DET_ENC Ledger)
· Total Encumbrance Activity (CC_APR_ENC Ledger)

The FMS - GL - Commitment Control Activity Log subject area can be used instead of the FMS - GL - Commitment Control Budget Balances subject area to create requests. The Budget Balances can also be found in the Production System (SMART) by running the Budget Status Report or by doing a Budget Details Inquiry from Commitment Control.

· Data extracted on weeknights
· Contains information from the SMART Commitment Control Activity Log Table
· Data is available based on GL Business Unit security

Example Reports:
· Total encumbrances by source transaction (purchase orders and travel authorizations)
· Encumbrance document details (Purchase Order Id and Travel Authorization ID)
· Revenue Budget Activity details (revenue by deposit id and journal id)

Note: Due to the detailed information available in this subject area, take care to add enough criteria to limit your search results. At minimum be sure to use the Fiscal Year and Accounting Period columns to limit your results to a single accounting period. The Commitment Control Transaction Date (the date in which the activity was recorded to the budget ledger) is also available which allows you to further limit your request to particular date ranges.




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