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MESSAGE 040111-01
DATE April 1, 2011
AUTHOR Data Warehouse
Subject New Subject Area and Dashboard in the Data Warehouse
Message Text:

Dear Colleague

We are pleased to announce that the following subject area is now available in the data warehouse:

FMS - AR - KS Deposits

Deposits entered online, via interface and Interfund deposits

Deposit data is based on deposits that have been journal generated. Journal Generation takes place overnight; deposits must meet the following criteria in order to be processed:

· Interfund Deposits – both the AR and AP side are approved and have a valid budget status

· Adjustment Deposits – has been approved by A&R and has a valid budget status

· All other Deposits – has been Agency Approved, STO Approved & Released and has a valid budget status

Data is extracted on weeknights

Data is available based on General Ledger Business Unit Security


Deposit details, including Interfund ID, Journal ID and limited item details

Deposit information - for both direct journal and item related deposits

Payment ID and Payment method

Agency (AGY) and State Treasurer (STO) approval dates

Example Reports:

Direct Journal deposit amount by Chartfield

Direct Journal deposit amount by Payment ID or Journal ID

Item related deposit amount by Item

We are also pleased to announce two new statewide dashboards: Purchasing (including P-Card) and Accounts Receivable. Detailed information can be found on the SMART training resources web page at:

· Purchasing:

· Accounts Receivable:

These statewide dashboards are located in the Finance Dashboard folder.




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